A loan for a dream honeymoon

The wedding is done for the family, the honeymoon goes for your own pleasure. Most young couples make this assumption. A joint honeymoon or two is a great opportunity to relax after the wedding confusion. This trip does not happen often, so it’s not worth saving on it. How can you plan your honeymoon expenses so you don’t regret it?

If you are just at the planning stage of your first marriage trip


you probably want it to be really unique. Maybe you’ve been waiting for him all your life! You definitely don’t want to deny yourself pleasures or save on this awaited journey. However, the budget of most couples after the wedding is significantly depleted.

The fashion for grand parties encourages couples to spend more and more. To please families, give pleasure to their loved ones and welcome them as much as possible, young people often spend a lot of money. Amounts of several dozen thousand zlotys is an absolute norm in the case of standard Polish weddings . Hall rent, band, elegant car, photographer, dress, catering – this is not even half the list of wedding expenses.

How can you find a place here for what will really please newlyweds, i.e. for a honeymoon ? Where can you get funds for a trip together when you can finally be alone?

Honeymoon loan

Honeymoon loan

Today, no one is surprised by the fact that they take out loans for holidays, holidays or other trips. A loan may also be the best option for your honeymoon.

The travel costs are not so big that you have to deal with installments for many years. Spreading the expenditure into smaller parts will allow you to buy a beautiful trip without straining your already depleted family budget.

Credit and loan


As in any other case, also when taking out a loan for a trip, it is worth considering what type of financial service to choose . You can opt for payday loans or quick credit without certificates. These options allow you to minimize formalities and speed up the procedure for receiving money. However, this type of loan involves a higher interest rate. The difference – traditional credit and loan – is big. The total cost is much higher for a parabank loan than for a traditional loan.

A wedding is a celebration that we plan longer, often for years. It is rare that couples make their wedding decisions overnight. Therefore, in the case of a honeymoon loan, we advise traditional bank loans with the option of choosing a favorable, low-interest offer. It will not be a marriage loan yet, because you will settle the formalities before marriage, but if you take a good look at the banking market, you will undoubtedly be able to choose a good offer.

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