11 US Open contenders who could shape the LIV-PGA Tour battle

  • This week’s US Open marks the first major of the LIV Golf era.
  • Players who have committed to both sides of the PGA Tour-LIV Golf rivalry are expected to face off this week.
  • Who wins at the Country Club this week could shape the next stage of the war between the two leagues.

This week’s US Open marks the first major golf of the LIV Golf era.

After decades of being the preeminent body in professional golf, the PGA Tour now faces a challenge from the Saudi-backed upstart league, which has already convinced several top players to swap allegiances.

With golf’s top talent now looking destined to be split in two, the majors will take on even greater importance as they may be the only place where PGA Tour and LIV players go head-to-head. .

Additionally, this first major since golf LIV began gives players on both sides of the battle the chance to frame the next chapter in the rivalry between the two leagues with a decisive victory.

If a PGA Tour-lifer wins the trophy, chances are they’ll go for another shot or two at LIV. Meanwhile, if a LIV player breaks through to win, it could significantly undermine the PGA Tour’s current claim that they still have the best talent.

Here are 11 contenders to win at the Country Club in Brookline, Massachusetts, and what each victory could mean for the future of golf.

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