$7 million awarded to Hardwire, LLC for law enforcement protective gear

DELMARVA – The Department of Justice awarded Hardwire, LLC in Pocomoke $7 million to protect law enforcement.

The funding is part of the contract for splinter protection and gun-resistant steel plates for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. With crime on the rise, officials believe it’s important that law enforcement has the tools they need to stay protected. The $7 million prize will do just that by creating torso plates.

“You have to be hyper-vigilant in today’s world so they have to be prepared, you know everything, we live in a fast-paced, fluid world where anything can happen,” says Worcester County Sheriff Matt Crisafulli .

Hardwire, LLC has just the right armor to get the job done.

“Extremely thin, very comfortable, well curved to fit the agent’s body and we will make front plates, back plates and side plates, it will cover 100% agents”, CEO of Hardwire, George Tunis.

To secure this funding, Hardwire went through a whole process. This happened after the FBI launched a request for steel body armor to end tough conflicts, ranging from average criminals to drug cartels.

“They had a competition, there were a number of vendors who competed for it and we had the best plate by far… We are always happy to have difficult clients and the FBI is a very particular very difficult client . their testing is incredibly extensive and they’re very high profile customers, we’re always excited to see our customer base grow,” says Tunis.

Sheriff Matt Crisafulli says this award couldn’t have been earned at a better time.

“This is extremely important because, as you see nationwide, many incidents are happening and these types of incidents can happen anywhere and at any time,” Sheriff Matt Crisafulli said.

George Tunis, CEO of Hardwire, says the equipment does more than just keep law enforcement safe.

“We also liked making sure officers felt more secure because it slowed them down a bit…they tend to keep their guns in their holsters longer which is safer for people on both sides of the world. ‘weapon,’ explains Tunis.

This contract will be in effect for the next 5 years. But, according to Hardwire, this is just the beginning of steel technology. The next steps are to integrate this technology into tanks and large armored vehicles to keep everyone safe while on the move. The CEO also says he is honored that they have been selected to provide such vital protection. He will be deployed to the FBI within the next 30 days.

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