A man charged with killing his nephew outside Medford Courthouse

Less than 24 hours earlier, Xue and her nephew, Cong Wang, appeared on either side of Cambridge District Court in Medford, where a judge refused to extend a restraining order Xue had filed against her nephew, who had previously been in a romantic relationship. relationship with Xue’s ex-wife, according to legal documents.

Middlesex Deputy District Attorney Ceara Mahoney said during Friday’s brief arraignment that Medford police were alerted at around 4:50 p.m. Thursday to gunshots at Cambridge District Court on Mystic Valley Parkway in Medford.

Mahoney said responding officers first observed what appeared to be a car crash in the rear parking lot, directly across from the prisoner’s bay of the courthouse. Police saw a white Chevy Equinox that appeared to have hit a black Toyota Rav4. Both vehicles had visible damage and police then saw the victim lying face-up just next to the Rav4’s driver-side rear wheel well.

“The victim’s face was covered in blood,” Mahoney said. “Officers were unable to detect a pulse and he was pronounced deceased at the scene.”

Mahoney said police saw a black firearm next to the victim in a locked position and spent casings in the immediate vicinity. Seven or eight feet behind the gun, Mahoney said, police saw Xue lying on his stomach with his hands and legs stretched out.

Xue’s lawyer who represented him earlier inside the Cambridge courthouse, Mahoney said, was seen crouching next to Xue.

“After searching Mr. Xue, he did not appear to have any gunshot wounds,” Mahoney said. “But the officers observed blood on Mr. Xue’s hands and hair.”

Mahoney said an eyewitness who left court for the day told police he saw a white SUV hit a black SUV and then saw an Asian man wedged between the two vehicles.

“At that time a second male party [who] was driving the white SUV got out of the vehicle, pointed a black handgun at the party and fired five to six times,” Mahoney said. “After further investigation, investigators learned that earlier in the afternoon, Mr. Xue and the victim were present at Cambridge District Court’s restraining order extension hearing during of which Mr. Xue was the plaintiff and the victim was the defendant.”

Mahoney said the judge, whom she did not name, refused to extend Xue’s injunction after the hearing.

She said a review of courthouse surveillance showed the victim and his attorney leaving the courthouse at 4:46 p.m. and heading to a parking lot on the left side of the courthouse. Less than a minute later, Mahoney said, Xue and her lawyer started moving in the same direction.

Mahoney said footage later showed Xue getting into his white Chevy Equinox, exiting the parking lot, and heading towards the back of the building.

“Rear parking footage shows the victim walking through the parking lot towards his vehicle,” Mahoney said. “In doing so, the Equinox moves at high speed, striking the victim from behind and pinning them against the Rav4. The accused then leaves the Equinox, approaches the victim and shoots him in the head at close range. The accused is then observed walking [away] of the victim and lay face down on the sidewalk. Ten casings were recovered from the parking lot.

Xue’s next hearing is scheduled for May 4.

Separately, court records filed in the restraining order Xue had sought against her nephew included an Arlington police report that Xue’s ex-wife had filed in August 2020.

The police report states that Xue’s ex-wife told police that she and Wang began a romantic relationship while Xue was temporarily living in China. She told police the relationship lasted until around July 2020 and was the “cause” of her divorce from Xue. However, she was back with Xue when she reported in August 2020.

“She said she told Wang they made a big mistake and had to end the relationship several times,” the report said. “He did not accept the breakup and repeatedly threatened her by text message to end her life or that of her husband if she ended the relationship.”

The woman also told police, “Wang thinks they need to get married so they can get a green card to stay in the country because he is currently here on a student VISA. She worries about his mental well-being as she thinks he suffers from a mental illness. She said Wang showed up at her home and church even after telling her to stop.

The court records also included English translations of hostile text messages Wang allegedly sent to Xue’s ex-wife in August 2020, in which he wrote, “I will kill your family. If I don’t kill your family, I will kill myself. He also allegedly texted “I have no dignity now” and “I am the walking dead”, while lamenting that his “future was ruined by you”, according to legal documents.

Court records show Xue and the mother of her two children divorced in 2019 while the couple lived in Arlington, citing an “irreparable breakdown” in their marriage. The couple married in China in 2006.

Xue had also said in an affidavit related to the restraining order case that he “used to be a post-doctoral fellow” at Harvard University, and that his “job is to analyze data from cancer patients for the diagnosis of cancer”. Harvard confirmed on Friday that Xue’s appointment to the university began on December 1, 2010 and ended on June 30, 2011.

Xue said on his LinkedIn page that he was a postdoctoral fellow during this time at Harvard’s Department of Statistics.

A separation agreement filed in 2019 during her divorce stated that Xue was at the time a shareholder of “three startups”, identified as My Health Gene Inc. and XELLENT Health Inc., both based in the United States, and the company Chinese Wankangyuan Gene Technology. Co., Inc.

Documents filed with the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s office show Xue registered a company called XELLENT BIO INC in Massachusetts in October, running himself as president of the company which he described as a “business consulting service.” “. He had registered a company two months earlier in Massachusetts called DDMED Consulting, records show.

Material from previous Globe stories has been used in this report. John R. Ellement of The Globe Staff contributed.

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