Apple Iphone 13 Pro review: the ultimate upgrade

The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max may look almost identical to their predecessors, but basically every aspect of the phones has received a dramatic upgrade except for the exterior. And even if those updates hadn’t happened, iPhones would have likely been the best phones out there, but the sheer scale of the iPhone 13 Pro line update makes it one of the more holistic upgrades. that Apple has made to its flagship product. . I say this because superficially, the iPhone 13 announcement was considered one of the lukewarm updates Apple has talked about in recent memory. If you own an iPhone 12 series device, then upgrading to one of the iPhone 13 models wouldn’t be the smartest decision. However, apart from that, Apple has undersold and delivered an update that improves the fundamentals of the iPhone by leaps and bounds. There is so much about new iPhones that Apple hasn’t even talked about – it will surprise and delight you in a way that newer iPhones haven’t. But if you’re yearning for a change in the look, this phone isn’t for you.

Apple has perfected and mastered a design language that has gradually evolved since the release of the iPhone X in 2017, and even though, in 2020, the iPhone 12 series represented the iPhone’s biggest visual change in half a decade. , it was still a derivative of the all-screen notch design. Apple took its cue from the highly regarded iPhone 5’s geometric design language and created a gem-like marble that was ergonomically compromised but by far the most visually impressive smartphone I’ve ever seen. Its build quality, through the use of surgical-grade stainless steel and a ceramic shield, has also made it perhaps the best-built modern smartphone.

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Apple hasn’t changed things because if you look around, no phone can match the visual panache of this design language. Plus, it retains the iconic iPhone design language, so everyone recognizes that it is an iPhone. Even in 2021, this design language stands the test of time. But there are improvements and changes to make it even more attractive. The notch is 20 percent smaller because people have started to dislike it. At the same time, the Pro and Pro Max got a bit bigger as Apple added a bigger battery as well as a bigger and bolder camera system. Yes, it’s a small compromise on ergonomics, which already wasn’t that great, but overall these changes make it a nicer phone.

People who find the Pro Max too big should settle for the Pro. Last year, the Pro Max offered a superior camera and a bigger battery. This year the cameras are the same and the battery is big enough on the Pro to last an entire day with even very heavy use. The Pro Max should only be used by people who want a massive 6.7-inch screen.

And yes, the screens of these new iPhones are simply stunning. Display Mate said these are the most sophisticated displays they have seen on the phone and ranked them among the best in the business. Apple has added 120Hz dynamic refresh pro motion technology, but on the iPhone it can achieve higher refresh rates than even the iPad Pro. The screen can get ridiculously dark and extremely bright, so it’s just beautiful to use in any scenario. It supports HDR and watching videos on this phone is miraculous. But everyday use is also smoother. Not that the iPhone needed the kickstand of a high refresh rate panel to make it more responsive, it now has the only thing Android phones have had in the past couple of years. It also gives the iPhone an edge in games which can be transformative as the iPhone has always had the most powerful GPU and it is a gaming machine phenomenon with its power rivaling that of the PlayStation. 4 Pro.

Apple has also improved the stereo speakers, which sound louder and richer. Apple hasn’t talked about it, but by the time you launch these new iPhones, you can tell. The other aspect of audio that has improved is call quality – Apple now uses the latest Qualcomm X60 modem, which is sure to improve call quality, while consuming less power and offering better network performance, 4G and WiFi, apart from the theoretical 5G capacity. , which probably wouldn’t arrive before 2023 in India. But iPhone users use their phones for at least two to four years, which means that ability will be relevant for people who don’t change phones every year.

The A15 Bionic chip is devilishly fast. It is the fastest mobile system on a chip based on the legacy of the A14 bionic. But this update concerns efficiency and distributed computing. Apple has improved the neural engine, it has beefed up the ISP and on the pro models there is also an additional GPU giving its graphics element 5 cores in addition to the 6 core processor. This is the latest TSMC 5nm 2021 process, which also improves efficiency coupled with Qualcomm’s new 5nm X60 modem. The result is that at every step, Apple reduces power consumption – be it main CPU, GPU, modem, screen while increasing battery size.

Gains on the processor side are modest at around 15%, but the GPU bump is up to 50% better than the iPhone 12. The iPhone is the best gaming phone out there. It’s not even fair now that the GPU has such a bump and Apple has added a high refresh rate panel. The iPhone is also the preferred development platform for many game developers, its metal-like software APIs make it easy, and it has customers who pay for the apps. And if that’s not enough, it has Apple Arcade, which has a slew of great games that aren’t available on any other platform. Apple also has a great accessory ecosystem, and its gadgets even support Xbox and Playstation controllers.

I played Pascal’s Wager and it was amazingly beautiful on the phone. I even played Call of Duty Mobile, which was locked in terms of frame rate, and it worked flawlessly. Apple is putting desktop performance into a phone, but that’s nothing new for longtime users.

The thing that will trigger the upgrade is the new camera system on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. It receives a troika of 12-megapixel sensors, coupled to a LiDAR. Now, that might seem rather shy in front of things like a 50-megapixel sensor on phones like the Mi 11 Ultra, but trust me, these new cameras from Apple are a work of magic. Apple increased the size of the sensor by 50% on the main wide-angle camera, which means it absorbs more light. It also opened the aperture to a wild f / 1.5 paired with its sensor-shift stabilization system and new ISP – it takes just about the best photos of any smartphone on the market – in low light, bright light. Ultra-dark, ultra-dark situations where night mode now detects stars and supports tripods and even portrait mode.

If the iPhone 12 Pro Max was a leap for Apple, the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max are an even bigger leap. Apple has equipped the ultra-wide camera with a monstrous f / 1.8 sensor, which works wonders in any lighting situation and has also upgraded the telephoto lens to 3x optical zoom with a 77 frame. mm. Apple has reverted to a shallower aperture here at f / 2.8, but night mode now works with this camera. The ultra-wide camera also supports epic macro shots, now making it the most complete camera system you can get on a phone.

These upgrades also activate the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s Hero feature – Cinematic Mode, which enables rack-mount focus and bokeh like a DSLR. It works well enough when well lit, although the technology is in its infancy, just as portrait mode was when it launched with the iPhone 7. But it can be an interesting tool for creators and influencers, but in its current form it’s not something filmmakers will use per se. The other big feature is Pro-Res, which will be rolling out as a software update at a later date, likely in a month or so. But in general, speaking of video, the iPhone 13 Pro line is insanely good. The video is clear and jerk-free and is also very usable in ultra-dark situations. It shoots 4K video in HDR Dolby Vision at up to 60 frames per second and when paired with its built-in microphone, which has also apparently been upgraded – it’s a portable camcorder.

There will be phones, which have better zoom or maybe can do slightly better portraits or can take bright photos in low light conditions that look like morning, but no phone puts it all together at one time. . Sure, it’s missing a pro model, but Apple in its simplistic way has its solution in Photographic Styles, which allows the shot to be given a color scheme built into the photo itself. So this is for people who don’t like the neutral iPhone styling, you can get closer to a warmer and brighter style from a Samsung camera system or even a color scheme. cooler contrasting views of a Google Pixel. The iPhone 13 has all the toys.

Aside from the camera, the main reason that will draw everyone to the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max is the superlative and long battery life. Apple devices have always had average battery life, these phones have exceptional battery life that no flagship phone can match. The Pro Max has the best battery life as it is a real phone with 2 days of battery life, but even Pro will offer around 9 hours of screen time per hour and 36 hours of use, which can be extended. at 48 hours if the phone is used sparingly.

IOS 15 is another solid update from Apple that adds new tricks like SharePlay, FaceTime support for Android and Windows, a new Focus mode that will help with productivity and also a host of improvements to it. user interface that keep the iPhone experience up to date. That being said, the app support and stability of iOS 15 is far from perfect, which Apple has started to address with patch updates, although this version of iOS is forging the software. Apple’s Polish for which it is generally known.

They may look the same, but nothing is the same except how they look. Apple has completed the most comprehensive update to the guts of the iPhone, making the new 13 Pro models not only the best phones on the planet, but also the most useful phones. And for that you have to pay a hefty price – although it starts now with a 128GB model and Apple even added a 1TB tier. Go figure, but this is the ultimate upgrade.

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