Are the Colts the most underrated team in the NFL?


Slowly, but surely, the Indianapolis Colts are moving up to the playoffs.

The Colts have had a brutal preseason with injuries, including quarterback Carson Wentz, guard Quenton Nelson and wide receiver TY Hilton. The team started 0-3 and were counted early.

However, the team fought back and are now 3-4, just outside the playoff photo ahead of a huge AFC South clash with the Tennessee Titans.

Does the betting public undervalue the Colts? Without a crazy comeback from the Ravens, the team are 4-3 on the year and the feeling is very different around the roster.

Let’s break down their place in the futures market at WynnBET Sportsbook to see if there is value in Indy moving forward.

To cripple that market, we have to start by watching the Colts game against the Titans at the top of the division on Sunday. Indy is +1 at WynnBET as of this writing, two games behind.

While Indianapolis is on the rise, a loss here could reduce its chances of winning the division, as the Colts would essentially be four behind the Titans given they would lose the tiebreaker.

That being said, if you believe in this Colts team, and they win on Sunday, now is the time to bet them to win the division. The team will face the Jets and Jaguars over the next two weeks and play a second game against Jacksonville later.

Meanwhile, the Titans face the Rams in Los Angeles and the Saints in the next two weeks, they can give way to Indianapolis.

This week is important, but the Colts have long term value as a winner of the Black Horse division.

This price seems correct.

While the Colts may have game-by-game value, the team is still far from being a Super Bowl contender. At this rate, the team’s most likely path to the playoffs will be through the division, which will be an uphill battle against the Titans. I’d rather give it a +300 shot to win the AFC South than have a Super Bowl run, I still have the Colts away from the Super Bowl fight.

Carson Wentz’s decision making is still a concern, and Indy still has injury issues in high school.

I’d put it a long way and go for a fair price on +300 to win the division and look to buy low on the Colts in the coming weeks.

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