Auto Trader partners with Phyron to add automated video to the platform

Swedish video technology company Phyron has integrated with Auto Trader Connect.

This decision will allow over 4,500 small and medium dealers across the UK to access Phyron’s automated video service.

Phyron CEO Johan Sundstrand said, “We know our technology is a big help for automotive retailers and has been proven to drive 50% more traffic and sell cars three to five days. faster. Access to Auto Trader Connect will allow every small to medium sized dealer in the UK to produce automated videos from just a few still images. This is especially exciting for dealers who might have limited resources and concerns about balancing the budget. This milestone will significantly help dealers move cars faster, improving cash flow and profitability. »

The process works through Phyron using Auto Trader Connect or a data feed from a retailer or car brand, including at least three still images and key product details. The AI ​​then identifies key properties of the images, including different camera angles, interior elements and exterior highlights, then removes the backgrounds and replaces them with a neutral. The software then adds special effects, shadows, and overlays the desired product specifics and any customer offers over the relevant images, including price and retailer branding.

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