Breaking down Aggies QB position

LAS CRUCES — New Mexico State football coach Jerry Kill hasn’t said if true freshman quarterback Gavin Frakes did enough in a quarter-and-a-half against Nevada , to earn a Thursday start against Minnesota.

Junior varsity transfer quarterback Diego Pavia got the start, but it was evident in Nevada’s 23-12 Week 0 win that the Wolf Pack dared Pavia to beat them with his arm. When Frakes entered the third quarter, he was able to move the offense with the pass and put 10 points on the board with 143 yards and a touchdown.

Three takeaways from New Mexico State’s season opener

It’s likely that both players will continue to see action throughout the year unless one player takes control of the position, so let’s take a look at some of the games that have taken place. unmarked on Saturday and show the skills of each player.

Both quarterbacks are mobile, which will be key for offensive coordinator Tim Beck.

In this clip, we see what could be a strength for Pavia when it comes to kicking the football on the run. He stepped up the pressure on the Aggies’ first possession and hit Jordin Parker for 35 yards. Here is the first down and Pavia moves to his right and finds Parker on the flat. Parker had four receptions for 59 yards. He falls on the moving formation and Pavia hits him on the move.

Pavia rushed for 36 yards, getting runs in the option, broken plays and in this case a mid-engineered run for 27 yards, which was the Aggies’ only rush play that lasted more than 10 yards. . The Aggies split the field with four receivers and Pavia missed a player.

Frakes rushed for nearly 1,000 yards during his senior season at Norman, Oklahoma. He ran an RPO offense in high school, but he shows his athletic ability as a Nevada blitz on this play and seems to have an angle on Frakes, who makes a hesitant move on a defender and turns up for the first try.

NMSU quarterback Gavin Frakes heads the ball during the New Mexico State University game on Saturday August 27, 2022 at Aggie Memorial Stadium.

Pavia was 9 for 20 passing for 75 yards and he moved the Aggies into goal territory on the game’s first two possessions, but he was also intercepted three times. One of them was an angled pass that should have been caught by the receivers. His second interception was probably his worst decision of the night, although it was hard to tell what he was seeing off the show.

The Aggies made a lot of movement with their receivers or lined up a slot in the backfield. Offside again, it looks like Pavie is looking for the Jonathan Brady slot on a wheel road against a Nevada defensive back. Nevada looks like man or cover 3 and Brady can have a pitch when Pavie throws the ball but you can see the spacing isn’t great as tight end JJ Jones and receiver Dominic Gicinto are also in the zone, making it an easy interception for the DB coming out of his man.

What struck me and from the clips I showed of him on his feet, Pavia looked like he had good protection and the linebackers had their backs turned. He could have won the first try and more if he had returned the ball.

Frakes’ first FBS pass attempt was 67 yards to Justice Powers. The Aggies are in 21 personnel (two running backs, one tight end) in pro shooting training. Nevada showed two high safeties throughout the game until an Aggie QB proved he could hurt them. It looks like Nevada is either blitzing or playing a bit, but Powers was facing a man-to-man, selling a hitch. Frakes does a good job with his fake pump on the hitch and throws the ball in stride and Powers does the rest.

The next play came on the same series with the same group of personnel, with Frakes using play action again and throwing a quick fade to Kordell David in the corner of the end zone.

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