Browns WR Jarvis Landry ‘Longshot’ to return next season

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Baker Mayfield and Jarvis Landry of the Cleveland Browns.

The Cleveland Browns need to rebuild their receiving corps next season, but Jarvis Landry is unlikely to return to help build the unit.

If Landry is on the roster next season, he comes in with a cap of $16.379 million. The Browns would only suffer $1.5 million in dead space if they part ways with him. So while Landry has been an emotional leader for the Browns, money talks in the NFL, and that price is far too high for a wide receiver who has seen his production decline.

For the reasons listed above, Browns insider Mary Kay Cabot of thinks Landry is unlikely to return next season. According to his latest Q&A column:

“He seemed frustrated not only with the scheme, but also perhaps with Mayfield’s struggles,” Cabot wrote. “The breakup between Mayfield and Landry’s best friend [Odell Beckham Jr.] probably didn’t help. If Landry is back, it’ll probably be because the two sides have agreed to a contract restructuring, but that seems like a long time.

Browns thanks Landry for helping Browns ‘evolve’

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Landry is 29 and saw his production drop last year as he faced his first trip to RI with a knee problem. The Browns need to reload to step up the passing game and the money that would go to Landry could go a long way to adding depth.

Browns general manager Andrew Berry addressed Landry’s status with the team at the end of the season and it felt a bit like saying goodbye to someone who helped change the culture in Cleveland.

“I think everyone on this call knows how much respect we have for Jarvis Landry and really what he’s meant to our team and our organization over the past few years,” Berry told reporters. “He’s been a productive player for us since the day we traded him, and he’s really been a key part of the evolution of the team and the organization over the past few years.”

Landry was quiet after Beckham’s cut

Although he is a leader of the team, Landry has not spoken publicly since conducting an interview at his Thanksgiving food drive on Nov. 16. The interview was away from Berea and not under the team’s PR umbrella.

During that media session, Landry said Beckham’s release was not easy for him, given that they planned to win a Super Bowl together in Cleveland.

“It was definitely something that hurt,” Landry said. “It stung. It’s always like that.

Landry also expressed some frustration with the Browns’ stagnant passing offense, which has failed to get on track most of the year.

“I wasn’t able to get the ball back that much either,” Landry said. “But at the end of the day, I was able to (make the most of) the opportunities that were given to me. Yeah, I fight against (injury) stuff, but on Sundays I always give my all. ai. And that will never change.

Given the way things have turned out, it’s conceivable that Landry doesn’t want to work on a redesign and just wants a new set.

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