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Once commonplace in all parts of the world, tigers have unfortunately become an endangered species of the first order, the habitats in which they once thrived and the ecosystems they once dominated are also increasingly under threat.

To raise awareness of the urgent need to protect tigers, as well as their habitats, Samsung Electronics has partnered with Discovery and Project CAT (Conserving Acres for Tigers) to produce a documentary titled “Eye to Eye With a Tiger” shot using the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G.

Take initiatives to protect tiger habitat

Tigers are the main predators in their food chain. They play a key role in maintaining healthy ecosystems, but due to illegal hunting and massive habitat destruction, these majestic creatures are now threatened with extinction – a loss that is expected to affect entire ecosystems.

The CAT project, launched by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and Discovery, is an initiative that promotes the preservation of the natural habitats of the remaining tiger populations. This project currently supports nearly six million acres of tiger habitat in India, Bhutan and Russia, as well as support for local economies and climate justice for these marginalized communities. Understanding the importance of Project CAT’s mission, Samsung has partnered with Discovery to help spread awareness of this meaningful initiative.

As part of their partnership, Samsung and Discovery have collaborated with passionate local filmmakers to produce the remarkable collaborative documentary “Eye to Eye With a Tiger” to introduce these amazing creatures to viewers around the world and to highlight the work of these organizations do.

Eye to Eye with a tiger, captured by the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

“Eye to Eye With a Tiger” was filmed in Jaipur, India, and throughout the documentary we follow wildlife photographer Yashas Narayan as he sets out on his journey to capture the planet’s most elusive big cat: the Tiger. The documentary follows Narayan as he puts his experience of tracking and photographing tigers to good use with the help of his Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G as he ventures deep into the wilderness of Ranthambore National Park. in order to catch a glimpse of this elusive creature – and provide viewers with some better wildlife photography tips along the way.

Narayan, one of India’s foremost wildlife photographers, is not only united with award-winning documentary filmmaker Vikram Singh through his passion for capturing the beauty of his homeland, but also through his passion for nature. , retention and connecting with people. As the documentary shows, the couple enthusiastically took on the challenge of stalking tigers in Ranthambore National Park – a notoriously lengthy process – by harnessing the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G to capture some of the other brilliant wildlife they encountered. along the way.

The documentary ends as the couple finally manage to meet a wild tiger and capture it in all its glory using the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, an experience well worth all the challenges that animal tracking brings. As well as being a fascinating look at tigers in the wild, “Eye to Eye With a Tiger” not only showcases the quality camera experiences and flexibility offered to filmmakers by the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G over the course of their journey, but also the rarity of tigers in the wild these days, and the need to protect these creatures and the habitats they occupy.

Master shooting like a pro with the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G camera

Eagle-eyed viewers will quickly notice that, throughout the documentary, Narayan’s Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is very helpful in capturing not only the beauty of the tigers the team manages to encounter, but the other wild animals they encounter. they meet. the way too.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is not only a smartphone capable of capturing high quality videos, such as the documentary “Eye to Eye With a Tiger”, but it is also the perfect tool to capture those special moments in everyday life. – in top quality.

Take a look at some of the top tips for subject photography, as featured in the “Eye to Eye with a Tiger” movie below.

1. Bring distant subjects right in front of your eyes: dual telephoto and spatial zoom

With the powerful zoom feature of the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, you can zoom in on your subject to get that 3x, 10x or even 100x close-up,1 which means you’ll never miss a detail, even when capturing objects in the distance.

2. Never miss a moment while recording: Snap 8K video

With the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G’s 8K video snapshot feature, you can make sure that the essential moment you are recording is captured in both video and photo film for ultimate sharing. While recording, 8K Video Snap lets you capture the scene in front of you in ultra high definition video and photo formats.

3. Adjust every detail your way: Pro Mode

The Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G’s next-level camera comes with a feature that helps even the most amateur photographers produce high-quality photos: Pro mode. Pro mode lets you manually calibrate your camera’s shutter speed, contrast, saturation, ISO and more, meaning you can capture near-professional-level photos, all without the need for ‘external professional help or other equipment.

4. Capture quality videos like the pros – with just a smartphone: pro video mode

Not only does the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G offer Pro mode for those looking to capture high quality photos, it also has the Pro Video feature. Pro Video allows you to adjust your camera’s resolution to a stunning 8K, as well as manage the camera’s focus to be on the desired subject when shooting and even choose the direction in which you record audio as you go, so you can be sure that your video recording is as high quality as that of Narayan on his journey to document the Glorious Tiger.

1 The 100X spatial zoom includes 10x hybrid optical zoom and 100x digital zoom with AI Super Resolution technology. Zooming beyond 10x may cause some image deterioration.

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