Center County and Pennsylvania report highest increases in COVID-19 cases in 2 months

Pennsylvania and Center County COVID-19 Dashboard for April 27, 2022. Image via Pennsylvania Department of Health.

Center County and Pennsylvania on Wednesday recorded their largest increase in COVID-19 cases in two months, according to state health department data.

The county’s 34 new cases are the highest since Feb. 23 and bring its pandemic total to 35,552 (31,525 confirmed and 4,027 probable). Center County’s seven-day rolling average for new cases is 20, the same as a week ago and up from 8.4 a month ago.

Statewide, Pennsylvania recorded 2,173 new infections, the most since Feb. 26, to bring the total to 2,812,954. The Commonwealth’s seven-day average is 1,595, up from 1,344 a year ago. week and 613 a month ago.


Mount Nittany Medical Center is treating five hospitalized COVID-19 patients, two less than Tuesday. None are in intensive care or on ventilators, the hospital said COVID Inpatient Dashboard.

Statewide COVID-19 hospitalizations rose for the second straight day with the largest single-day increase since Jan. 14. According to the DOH’s Hospital Readiness Dashboard, 586 COVID-19 patients are hospitalized in Pennsylvania, 48 more than Tuesday, with 60 in intensive care. [-1] and 36 sub fans [+5].


The DOH reported no new deaths attributed to the virus among Center County residents for the 17th day in a row, keeping the total at 348.

With 13 new deaths from COVID-19 identified by the Pennsylvania Death Registry, the statewide total is 44,629.

Community level

Center County remains in “low” community level for COVID-19 for the seventh consecutive week, according to the latest update from the Centers for Disease Control on Friday.

Community levels measure new cases, new hospitalizations and local hospital capacity to determine mitigation guidelines. At the low level, there is no recommendation for interior masking.

Statewide, 63 of 67 counties are at the low tier, with Tioga at the mid tier and Bradford, Sullivan and Susquehanna at the high tier. At the medium level, the CDC recommends masks indoors in public for people at risk of serious illness. At the high level, universal indoor public masking is recommended.

jail case

Center County’s two state prisons — Benner and Rockview — have no cases of COVID-19 among inmates or staff, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.

In Benner, 1,419 inmates are fully vaccinated, 24 are partially vaccinated, and 217 are unvaccinated. Of the staff, 305 are fully vaccinated and 324 are unvaccinated.

At Rockview, 1,697 inmates are fully vaccinated, two are partially vaccinated and 78 are unvaccinated. Of the staff, 350 are fully vaccinated and 368 are unvaccinated.


As of Wednesday morning, 95,392 people in Center County are fully vaccinated, an increase of 32 since Tuesday, and 14,216 are partially covered [-1]. First booster doses given to 50,589 county residents [+56] and 4,383 received a second booster [+331].

Among the county’s entire population, 70.3% have received at least one dose, 59.8% are fully vaccinated and 51.8% are fully vaccinated with a booster, according to the CDC. Among adult residents, 75.7% received at least one dose, 63.9% are fully vaccinated and 54.5% received a booster.

Statewide, 77.8% of adults and 68.3% of the total population are fully immunized.

Vaccination appointments are available via Medical center volunteers, Mount Nittany Health and through other pharmacies and providers listed on

All individuals 12 years and older Is eligible to receive a booster of the COVID-19 vaccine. All people aged 50 and over and certain immunocompromised people are now eligible for a second reminder.

Center County Cases by ZIP Code:

*Note: changes are in parentheses. Specific numbers for ZIP codes with 1-4 cases are redacted by the health department. Cases are not always immediately assigned to postal codes.

16,801 (State College): 8,713 confirmed [+9]1,234 likely [+4]

16823 (Bellefonte and Pleasant Gap): 6,258 confirmed [+2]575 probable

16803 (State College): 3,308 confirmed [+3]686 likely [+2]

16866 (Philipsburg): 2,102 confirmed, 298 probable

16802 (university park): 1,867 confirmed [+3]294 likely [+1]

16870 (Port Matilda): 1,306 confirmed [+2]171 likely

16841 (Howard): 1091 confirmed [+1]100 probable

16828 (central room): 800 confirmed [+1]82 likely

16827 (Boalsburg): 748 confirmed, 102 probable

16,875 (Spring Mills): 652 confirmed, 74 probable

16844 (Julian): 543 confirmed, 53 probable

16845 (Karthaus): 521 confirmed, 35 probable

16877 (Warrior’s Mark): 300 confirmed [+1]29 likely

16853 (Milesburg): 286 confirmed, 20 probable

16874 (Snow Shoe): 280 confirmed, 38 probable

16826 (Blanchard): 248 confirmed, 16 probable

16865 (Pennsylvania Furnace): 229 confirmed [+1]25 probable [+3]

16820 (Aaronsburg): 194 confirmed, 26 probable

16829 (Clarence): 183 confirmed, 25 probable

16854 (Millheim): 182 confirmed, 16 probable [+1]

16872 (Rebersburg): 170 confirmed, 16 probable

16851 (Lemont): 161 confirmed [+1]30 probable

16868 (Pine Grove Mills): 101 confirmed, 11 probable

16859 (Moshannon): 98 confirmed, 6 probable

16832 (Coburn): 90 confirmed, 9 probable

16677 (Sandy Ridge): 82 confirmed, 5 probable

16835 (Fleming): 60 confirmed, 8 probable

16856 (Mingoville): 51 confirmed, 10 probable

16852 (Madisonburg): 49 confirmed, 5 probable

16882 (Woodward): 40 confirmed, 5 confirmed

16804 (State College): 21 confirmed, 1-4 confirmed

16863 (Orviston): 20 confirmed

16805 (State College): 1-4 confirmed

Cases among counties bordering Center County

Blair: 29,755 [+8]

Open field: 19,375 [+6]

Mifflin: 12,313 [+2]

Union: 11,767 [+30]

Huntingdon: 11,539 [+6]

Clinton: 9,077 [+6]

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