Classic Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Photos

Posted on November 24, 2021 at 2:34 p.m. by Carol Tannenhauser

By Stephen Harmon

I started photographing the Thanksgiving parades when I moved to the Upper West Side in 1978. At that time and for many years afterwards, long before Covid, terrorists and other dangers, I could walk directly on the parade route and take close-up photos of the fabulous balloons. Here are some of my favorites since 1978.

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    1. Carlos said:

      Thanks for sharing. That’s great ! I wish there were more classics like these.

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    2. Ellen said:

      Steven: These photos are beautiful. Thank you very much for posting them.

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      • JeffS of West 90th Street said:

        Wonderful photos from Thanksgiving past. Thanks for posting.

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    3. Amanda said:

      I like these. Thank you.

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    4. Judy G. said:

      Brings you back to another era …
      Magnificent photos and memories.

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    5. Harriet said:

      Wonderful memories …. thank you

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    6. san said:

      It was the time… so happy that I lived this period in New York… Certainly epic!

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    7. Kiki said:

      Oh, they are absolutely WONDERFUL! thank you so much
      a lot, Mr. Harmon.

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    8. Jay said:

      Snoopy’s Image: Shades of the famous Stay Puff Marshmallow Man â„¢ ‘thought form’, though about 12 blocks north.

      Is the photo of a parade before the film?

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    9. Elijah said:

      Thank you for these wonderful photos. So poignant to see them again. I wish I could teleport there. . .

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    10. Arlene erb said:

      These are wonderful..what a delightful way to view these amazing works of art… thank you Happy Thank you for giving…

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