De Blasio not worried about staff shortages in New York as vaccination mandate goes into effect on Friday


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Mayor Bill de Blasio upheld his decision on Thursday requiring all city employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19 by Friday, October 29, which will result in unpaid leave for some who do not want to be vaccinated.

Last week, city workers were given the opportunity to earn an additional $ 500 on their paychecks for receiving their first blow. This incentive ends tomorrow because all city employees must have proof of at least one dose. Unvaccinated employees will be placed on unpaid leave of absence indefinitely, effective Monday.

“My job is to keep people, my employees and 8.8 million people safe,” said de Blasio. “Until we defeat COVID, people are not safe. If we don’t stop COVID, New Yorkers will die. We need to stop COVID, and the way to do it is vaccination. And that has to include our public employees, in fact, they have to lead the way. “

According to de Blasio, about 74% of NYPD staff have been vaccinated, EMS is 74%, Sanitation Department is 67%, and Fire Department is 64%.

The mayor has made it clear that he expects those numbers to rise dramatically over the next few days as unvaccinated workers realize they won’t receive a paycheck next Monday.

“We expected a large chunk of the vaccinations to occur near the end of the deadline,” de Blasio said. “We also know that a lot of people make the decision [to get vaccinated] once they realize they won’t get paid. Any need will be met by people who are properly trained and ready to do the job. “

The remarks came as dozens of firefighters and other municipal workers opposed to the warrant protested outside the Gracie Mansion.

The mayor reassured the city that contingency plans, such as the use of mandatory overtime and rescheduling, will be “exceptional” to fill in the gaps. However, unions like the Police Benevolent Association (PBA) are committed to protecting its members.

PBA filed a complaint on October 25, claiming the warrant violates officers’ “right to bodily integrity”. The New York Fire Department has advised unvaccinated employees to report to work despite the warrant. The PA reported that the warrant could close up to 20% of fire stations by Monday, November 1.

De Blasio was not worried, however, and pointed to the success of compulsory vaccination for workers at the Ministry of Education.

“There was a huge worry about what was going to happen, it was almost like there was no transition. In the end, we ended up with 96% of school employees vaccinated and since the deadline 3,500 more have been vaccinated. “

Courts have said the city has the right to require vaccines for its employees. A New York judge on Wednesday, October 27, refused to suspend the mandate due to come into effect tomorrow for all municipal employees in the city.

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