Hello, Greater Sudbury! Here are some stories to start your day

Hello, Greater Sudbury! Here are some stories to start your day this Wednesday morning.

Gasoline prices climb to 208.9 at many Greater Sudbury stations

Gasoline prices jumped 10 cents per liter to 208.9 at many Greater Sudbury gas stations on Tuesday, according to GasBuddy.com. Most gas stations in the city were charging 198.6 yesterday morning. Many stations are still listed on the website as charging this price, so you may be able to get gas for a lower price if you hurry. Gasoline prices also crossed the $2 per liter mark last week, although not as high as this week.

Kerry Burke pleads guilty to 2nd degree murder in the death of her brother Brant

Kerry Burke said in court on Tuesday pleading guilty to second-degree murder that he was sleeping with his brother’s wife when she promised him $10,000 and a house if he “got the problem out of trouble.” That “trouble” happened to be Kerry’s own brother, Brant Burke, and on October 19, 2020, Kerry fatally shot Brant in the back while they were moose hunting near Killarney. Kerry pleaded guilty to second degree murder on May 10 via Zoom from the Penetanguishene North Central Correctional Center. He was originally charged with first degree murder. Brant Burke’s wife, Melissa Sheridan of Sudbury, is charged with first degree murder in the case. Sheridan was released on bail in December 2020. Her case returns to court on June 7 to be heard. Kerry is represented by Sudbury lawyer Glenn Sandberg. Sheridan is represented by Toronto lawyer Michael Lacy.

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‘Intensive’ rescue operation needed to save Seniors’ Hall of Fame at Lake Laurentian

A missing person case became a complex search and rescue operation in the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area on May 9, when 88-year-old three-time author, athlete and former Laurentian University professor Ronald Wallingford , disappeared from his home. Wallingford was located by Greater Sudbury Police and rescued by Greater Sudbury Fire Services after water and high angle search and rescue techniques were employed. Kaitlyn Dunn, spokesperson for Greater Sudbury Police, told Sudbury.com they received a call around 12:55 p.m. that Wallingford was missing from his home. A tweet from GSPS noted that they were focusing their search in the Laurentian Conservation Area and using a drone, or remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS), to assist officers. Wallingford was located by officers around 3:30 p.m., at which time it was determined that a more intensive rescue operation would be required, and Greater Sudbury Fire Services were called. Deputy Chief Jesse Oshell told Sudbury.com Wallingford is down. very steep embankment rock face, so steep that Oshell noted he was unsure how Wallingford even got to the area where he was found. Oshell described it as “a hard-to-reach area adjacent to Ramsey Lake, off Keast Drive at the south end of Sudbury”.

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A boon from the electric vehicle revolution is set to rain down on Sudbury and the North

According to a Toronto-based mining columnist, the big deal that Elon Musk and his automaker Tesla struck last week with Brazilian miner Vale is expected to have a ripple effect in the nickel-rich Sudbury basin and across northern ‘Ontario. “This is a tremendous opportunity to showcase the enormous potential of the Sudbury Basin for clean, low-carbon nickel,” said Stan Sudol, owner of the Republic of Mining website, which made Tesla CEO’s praise. “Elon is someone who thinks outside the box and by solidifying a secure supply of clean nickel, he is ensuring that Tesla continues to be one of the most innovative electric vehicle manufacturers in the world.” On May 6, Tesla and Vale finally confirmed a rumored deal that has been circulating for months that nickel mined and processed in Canada from Sudbury and Labrador will be used to make batteries for Tesla electric vehicles. Neither company has disclosed the dollar value or length of the deal other than it is a multi-year deal.

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North Bay leaders’ debate attracts union protesters

A group of high-level labor leaders were among nearly 75 protesters who took to the streets to express their displeasure with Tuesday’s Northern leaders’ debate, which was to take place inside the Capitol Center. “We are fed up with the Ford cuts and fed up with the Tories,” shouted Fred Hahn, president of CUPE Ontario. “We can and will elect a pro-worker government. We are tired of them calling health care workers heroes and then taking away their rights.” The event, hosted by the North Bay and District Labor Council, asked speakers to raise questions they would have liked to ask the leaders during the debate on the North. However, Henri Giroux, president of the North Bay Labor Council, pointed out that to attend the event at the Capitol Center, guests had to pay $125. “I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford $125,” Giroux told the crowd.

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Greens nominate Glenys Babcock as Nickel Belt candidate

Both Greater Sudbury ridings now have a candidate from the Green Party of Ontario, with Glenys Babcock nominated as the nickel belt candidate. She joins David Robinson, who is running in the riding of Sudbury, seeking seats for the party in the June 2 provincial election. “I’m running for the Ontario Greens to give Nickel Belt residents a voice,” Babcock said in a news release. “I am deeply concerned about the lack of affordable housing, mental health supports and environmental protection in my community and across Ontario. Babcock is a public policy analyst and data scientist, and said the Green Party has the right vision and leadership to tackle the most pressing issues facing Ontarians. In the press release, she is credited with serving various clients within Ontario government and federal government departments, as well as the World Bank, several Fortune 500 companies and dozens of non-profit organizations. lucrative for more than 25 years.

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If you thought yesterday was beautiful, just wait

Expect a mix of sun and cloud today and a high of…wait…27. There’s a 40 percent chance of showers in the morning and a chance of a thunderstorm as well. The UV index is now nine, which is very high. Tonight the temperature will drop to 12 under clear skies.

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