Hernandez seeks challenges at GOP convention

The Republican nominating convention is Saturday. Usually more of a formality, there may be some fireworks this year.

The party held an endorsement convention in March, to put all the support behind certain candidates. These candidates will be officially named on Saturday.

Tudor Dixon will also have his official running mate. This is where there can be developments.

“The main goal of any statewide campaign, when choosing a candidate for lieutenant governor, is to do no harm,” said John Sellek of Harbor Strategic, “You have to sure he won’t come back to bite you.”

That’s exactly what the Republican gubernatorial candidate did with her lieutenant governor pick, former state Rep. Shane Hernandez.

“She chose someone who has experience in the field that she does not have. Hernandez was not only a lawmaker, but also someone who ran the appropriations committee,” Sellek said, “That means you’re an expert on the $77 billion state budget.”

As a political novice, Dixon can gain valuable information from Hernandez. Maybe not everyone’s first choice, he was a safe choice and a former President Donald Trump approved.

“That kind of endorsement should have slammed the door on any significant challenge against Hernandez,” Sellek said, “I think it will.”

It looks like there will be challenges. First, former contestant Garrett Soldano announced he would challenge Hernandez before changing his mind.

Since then, Ralph Rebandt has announced that he will challenge, not quite the unity the party seeks.

“I predict we’re going to see a lot of sword-rattling stuff, not just this time but at future conventions,” Sellek said, “It’s one more place where they can have influence.”

Hernandez should be safe as the first vote will be by voice vote.

“They’re definitely going to encourage people who are going to support Hernandez to make sure they don’t text, stare at the ceiling, read a book, only when it’s time to vote ‘yay’ for him. which it’s going to be overwhelming,” Sellek said.

If it’s close, it’ll go through paper votes and really slow down the convention. Although long, these challenges can at least keep names like Soldano and Rebandt in the political headlines.

“This weekend they’re looking to position themselves for what comes after this convention,” Sellek said, “More than getting the win.”

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