“I survived a bullet in the face by my jealous ex but I still have nightmares”


A woman who survived after being shot in the face by her jealous ex-partner had nightmares.

Jodie Dickinson, 34, suffered a broken cheekbone in the attack that left a metal ball-bearing bullet lodged behind her orbit.

Her evil ex, Tyrone Harvey, 32, was jailed Thursday last week after being charged with attempted murder.

The couple had recently separated for the last time after years of intermittent abuse, but Jodie said Harvey’s control continued to harass her.

She was seeking a non-assault order at the time of the horror incident and was due in court the next day.

Derby Crown Court heard how Tyrone treated his ex ab ** ch before shooting him in the mouth at close range.

He denied the attempted murder charge, but a jury took three and a half hours to unanimously agree he was guilty.

Tyrone Harvey was jailed Thursday last week


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Judge Shaun Smith QC ordered Harvey to serve a sentence of at least 18 years before being considered for parole.

The court heard that once released from prison, Harvey also faces deportation to the Caribbean island of St. Kitts, where he is from.

Mum of five, Jodie, who is still recovering ill, usually works as a caregiver and model.

She said: “That night I had a friend and we fell asleep on the couch.

“We were expecting another buddy to come along, so when the door knocked I opened it.

“I went back to the couch and closed my eyes. I opened them again and saw my friend come in but Tyrone followed.

“I jumped out of my skin. It was just like him using someone to find me.

Jodie was shot in the face by her ex-partner


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She added: “He came to me saying he thought I was sleeping with someone, but it was a very old relationship that he already knew, he was wrong.

“I started screaming right away to defend myself but he was stronger.

“He was screaming about the non-aggression order and the fact that I would never pass it against him.

“Then suddenly he was walking towards me and the last thing I remember was calling me a bitch before I heard a bang and felt that pressure on my face.

“I could smell the smoke and the burning like a bonfire, then I felt the pain, I thought I was going to die of it.

“Blood was squirting from me, all over the walls, I was running around in shock, screaming, ‘They shot me, they shot me, he shot me.

“The friend I was staying with ran to call the police and ambulance, we ran upstairs and hid in the bathroom while waiting for help but Tyrone was already gone.”

“The armed police escorted me to the hospital to protect me from him.”

She was rushed to hospital after the attack


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Jodie was rushed to hospital, where she received morphine and a CT scan to determine the damage from the shooting.

After the scan, she discovered that the bullet used was a metal ball bearing that miraculously avoided her eye or brain and lodged deep in the soft tissue between her eye socket and her cheekbone near her sinus.

Jodie said: “The bullet shattered my cheekbone and stopped behind my sinus, below the socket of my eye. The blood came entirely from the hole in my lip and the palate of my mouth.

“There were two holes, a clear hole where the bullet went and a second from the last one on my lip. My skin was cracked.

“The bruises were horrible, my left eye was so swollen I couldn’t see any for a week.”

The couple had recently separated for the last time when the attack occurred


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Her injuries were treated and two months later she had surgery to remove the ball bearing after the swelling reduced.

A media call from Derbyshire Police to locate Tyrone led to his arrest a week later when his car was spotted and pulled over.

Harvey, of Ashted Nechells, Birmingham, denied the charge of attempted murder and a lesser charge of intentional injury.

He told the court that Jodie was the abuser and approached him with a knife after she herself was jealous that he was partying with another woman.

He said she was “crazy” and was on drugs.

But the jury rejected her account and returned a unanimous guilty verdict after three and a half hours of deliberation.

The handgun used to shoot Jodie was never found, but a search of Harvey’s car and home uncovered a blank firearm magazine, blank firing shell, bearings balls, pistol oil and instructions for a blank firing pistol.

Jodie says she has nightmares and is afraid of random men on the street


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Sentencing him to 27 years in prison, Judge Shaun Smith QC said: “The jury found you guilty of the second most serious offense on the criminal calendar, which you attempted to kill with intent to kill your victim Jodie Dickinson .

“You, every step of the way, tried to make sure that you weren’t held responsible.

“When you came to court you lied about a lie trying to pull the wool over the jury’s eyes, telling a rooster and bull story that someone else shot you or Jodie was ‘was even fired to frame you.

“But the day of reckoning has come.

“What you did was hold an improvised gun to his face and you shot him in the head.

“Fortunately, God knows how, despite the ball rolling on her face, she recovered from what happened physically.”

Harvey was also ordered to pay a victim fine surcharge of £ 190.

Detective Inspector Brian Bilby, who led the team that investigated this case, said: “Tyrone Harvey is a very dangerous individual who did not think of using extreme violence in an attempt to intimidate, control and of harming his ex-partner.

“Instead, she used her voice to send him to jail for almost three decades.

“I cannot express my thanks enough to him for his strength and commitment which has meant that Tyrone Harvey will not see freedom for many years.

“Despite Harvey’s continued protests of innocence, her testimony, which she gave in person in court, allowed the jury to return a guilty verdict.

“The judge, as part of his conviction, considered that the fact that the incident occurred in a family setting between two former partners was an aggravating factor which added additional weight to his sentence.

“I hope this sends a very clear message to anyone who experiences abuse of any kind in a relationship, or from a former partner. The courts will hand down heavy sentences for those convicted and the police will thoroughly investigate reports of violence and domestic violence. ”

Now Jodie says she has nightmares and is afraid of random men on the street because she thinks they were sent to shoot her.

She is overwhelmed and panics when in public and cannot be left alone.

Her lip is permanently marked and she suffers from numbness on the left side of her face.

Jodie said: “I kept everything to myself for all the years that I was under his spell. My own family didn’t know how much he was in control or how dangerous I felt every day.

“We had been in a relationship since 2014. But even when we weren’t together, he controlled my every move.

“He would follow me in his car and attack me in the street if I tried to leave.

“It’s only now that he’s in prison that I feel safe to open up and warn other women if I can to heed the red flags of controlling behavior.

“I stayed with him because I believed he would try to kill me if I didn’t and I was right.”

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