India v South Africa Live Score 3rd Test Day 4: South Africa need 41 runs to win with seven wickets in hand at lunch

Hello and welcome to Sportstar’s LIVE coverage from Day 4 of the third Test between India and South Africa at Newlands in Cape Town.


SA 171/3 in 55 overs: Loud LBW appeal, refused and reviews of Kohli. Thakur pinched it at vd Dussen from a full length. Ball tracking confirms he was only cutting the top of the leg stump and the umpire call supports. Bad luck for India. Pulled from the pads by vd Dussen for a thin-legged single. Breakfast!

SA 170/3 in 54 overs: Ashwin is back on the attack. Bavuma turns away from a square for a single after three runs. Full and vd Dussen sweeps behind the square for one more and keeps the strike.

SA 168/3 in 53 overs: Thakur kicks him a bit into vd Dussen, who gets a thick inside edge on his pads and he runs past the stumps. Vd Dussen steals a quick one with a midwicket boost. Bavuma returns the strike with a single again at midwicket.

SA 166/3 in 52 overs: Bumrah replaces Shami. Length outside vd Dussen to start. Direct hit at the end of the attacker’s next ball and the referee reviews. Bat is easily pinned down and vd Dussen gets one from the knockdown. FOUR ! Short and wide and Bavuma strikes through the point, feet up, and South Africa finally breaks away. Better off the line this time and it spits from a length for Bavuma to be high on the bat in defense. FOUR ! Bavuma leads him through extra cover and that will surely calm the nerves that would have taken over the South African side after Petersen was sacked.

SA 157/3 in 51 overs: Thakur continues. Maiden more. Thakur probes over and around, mixes up his lengths but Bavuma doesn’t give an inch.

SA 157/3 in 50 overs: Shami turns up the heat. Bowls at a rideable length and Bavuma is too new to the fold to release readers. A few length balls that start from a length and put Bavuma high on the bat. Just a single for Bavuma from above.

SA 156/3 in 49 rounds: Bavuma finally ends the point ball rut with a quick single down the middle. Thakur keeps it tight on one length.

SA 155/3 in 48 overs: Shami at vd Dussen. He does well to defend the first four balls as Shami goes wild. Beaten! Gets one to move and bounce to beat the outside edge of vd Dussen as he hooks his bat into the channel.

SA 155/3 in 47 overs: OUT! Thakur cleans up Petersen. Keegan Petersen v Shardul Thakur 82(113b 10×4 0x6). Petersen inside the edges on the stumps as he looks to dab a length ball to the ravine. Bavuma, the new man. Backed sharply from the fifth stump and almost flattened Bavuma’s stump as he shouldered the arms. First wicket for Thakur.

SA 155/2 in 46 overs: Shami on the other side. Length around off and vd Dussen jabs and misses. Full on the middle and leg and dug in to cover a point. South Africa 57 are running away from a win now. India needs a miracle from now on. Shami shapes one away from a longer length on the outside and he overdoes it and misses vd Dussen’s punch.

SA 155/2 in 45 overs: Thakur in the attack. Very wide on the outside for vd Dussen first and he leaves. A certain movement away this time but very wide outside again. Another with a similar line and length and vd Dussen lets it pass. Thakur continues on a wide line on the outside. The last one is driven by vd Dussen for a fast single.

SA 154/2 in 44 overs: Shami returns to the attack after the break. On the money straight and Petersen defends himself. FOUR ! Thick outer edge across the gully and flees to the third man boundary. Gully brought now. Length outside and Petersen points his toes to guide him to a deep spot for a single. Sloppy on the ground as vd Dussen steals a single on a knockdown.


SA 148/2 in 43 overs: Umesh will continue. He’s been expensive so far with 19 runs in four overs. Umesh keeps the first two balls on the stumps but varies his length. Three more for Petersen as he gently dabs into the ravine.

SA 145/2 in 42 overs: Bumrah continues with a probing line to Petersen over and around the stump. FOUR ! Full this time too wide out off and Petersen with a sublime cover-drive again. Hidden pads for a couple at the middle wicket. Petersen moves on to his career high of 73. Tapped on a vacant cover for a quick single.

SA 138/2 in 41 overs: Petersen picks up a couple in the middle of the wicket as he drags one outside the side of the leg with the inside half of the bat. Desperate call for LBW and that one was slipping down the leg. Probably overtaking too. Passed again in the middle of the wicket and three more for KP. FOUR ! Full and straight and vd Dussen punishes this through the middle wicket with a flourishing drive.

SA 129/2 in 40 overs: Bumrah will continue. Tilted into Petersen on the stumps and he defends in the middle of the bat. Next comes a yorker which is well traded. Curve following him far outside and left alone by KP. Fall! Pujara drops an absolute cart down the slides as Petersen edges him behind the bat shoulder. Bumrah goes straighter and Petersen square-leg passes him for three points.

SA 126/2 in 39 overs: Umesh replaces Shami. Swing him away from Petersen by a length and left alone. FOUR ! Wide length on the outside and Petersen tucks it through the back foot covers. Leads the next behind the point for a single. Vd Dussen leaves the next three balls in the channel.

SA 121/2 in 38 overs: Beauty of Bumrah. Separated from Petersen’s defensive shot on the outside. Passes the outside edge of Petersen again as he recovers from a length on the outside. Passed to the thin leg for a single and Petersen keeps the strike.

SA 120/2 in 37 overs: Vd Dussen rammed his bat into the ground but Kohli thought he had sliced ​​him and saw again. The DRS confirms it has touched down and India loses a review. Shami wasn’t interested and had already gone back to his marker when Kohli came up. Shami keeps it on and around and vd Dussen is more than happy to go. Maiden more.

SA 120/2 in 36 overs: Petersen gets a thick outside edge on the drive and straight to the point for a point ball. On the strains of Bumrah and Petersen line up and defend him. Outside bouncer and Petersen ducks below. Full on the pads and Petersen passes it through the middle; dot ball. Coming in with the outside angle and arms off Petersen’s shoulders. Wider length and Petersen lets it pass again. Maiden more.

SA 120/2 in 35 overs: FOUR! Wide on the outside and vd Dussen rolls high through the covers and to the border. Corrects his line, closer to vd Dussen’s shoulder stump and arms. Similar line next to the ball, slightly shorter and left alone. Sliding down the leg, vd Dussen misses the flick and Pant falls to retrieve it. A few singles to finish the over.

SA 114/2 in 34 rounds: Wayward Bumrah goes wide on the outside of the leg. Away swing out and vd Dussen lets it pass. Straighter and vd Dussen pushes it back towards the bowler. Beaten! Steps away a bit from a full length and beats vd Dussen outside edge. Length sliding down the leg and a bye to the slim leg. Bungee bouncer and Pant jump to grab onto it.

SA 113/2 in 33 overs: Shami continues. Go straight and Petersen goes through the middle for a quick single. Too full on the pads and driven by vd Dussen at half wicket for three more. Loose ball sliding down the leg and Petersen passes it to the thin leg for a single. South Africa are now 100 points from victory. Again on the pads of vd Dussen and a leg-bye to finish the over.

SA 107/2 in 32 overs: Muffled call LBW from Bumrah and Co. He snuck in from outside to beat vd Dussen player and thump on his pads. A leg stump was missing with the angle going away. Three points for vd Dussen as he opens up the bat face from a full and squeezes it behind the gully and point. Petersen beaten again! Tilts inward and straightens outward to beat the outer edge. Another single follows as Petersen opens face to face. Burning Yorker at vd Dussen to end the course.

SA 103/2 in 31 rounds: Beaten! Shami shapes it away from Petersen from a rideable length and beats its outside edge exhaustively. And square it. This time he is closer to the stump and Petersen is beaten again for the outside move. Drives this time full length and a short thick edge between the slips and point for a couple. Fifty for Petersen on 65 balls. Close! Shoulders arms out but sometimes misses the stump by a hair. It was definitely an error in judgment on the batter’s part.

SA 101/2 in 30 overs: The story at stake for India. Bumrah on the counter of vd Dussen. First ball. Moving outside first and vd Dussen moves away from the drive at the last moment. Pinched and vd Dussen left him to see him bang on his thigh pad.

Vd Dussen will face Bumrah, who will complete his over from last night with a few balls. Petersen on the non-attacking side.

Another scorching day in Newlands as we head into the final day of an exciting series of tests.


Controlling Rishabh Pant is like controlling a wild horse. He can race to the finish line but also get off the track so easily.

At Newlands in Cape Town on Thursday, Pant managed to balance his aggression with the need to stay on the wicket after the Proteas rattled India at the start of matchday three.

The left-hander’s undefeated 100 on Thursday was a classic. The pacemen were crushed with the kind of arrogance that only comes to the gifted.

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And after India, dismissed for 198, set South Africa a target of 212, the host lost Aiden Markram, beating an outside delivery from Mohammed Shami.

And skipper Dean Elgar, who shrewdly worked the ball, went off in the dying moments, caught brilliantly in the side of the leg by Jasprit Bumrah goalkeeper Pant for 30. – FULL REPORT

India (playing 11): KL Rahul, Mayank Agarwal, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli(c), Ajinkya Rahane, Rishabh Pant(w), Ravichandran Ashwin, Shardul Thakur, Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah, Umesh Yadav

South Africa (playing 11): Dean Elgar(c), Aiden Markram, Keegan Petersen, Rassie van der Dussen, Temba Bavuma, Kyle Verreynne(w), Marco Jansen, Kagiso Rabada, Keshav Maharaj, Duanne Olivier, Lungi Ngidi


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