Insects in Ruchill Park look like jungle creatures in macro shots


A photographer took stunning macro photos of insects in a Glasgow park, which looked like a jungle.

David Hamilton, 42, started visiting Ruchill Park, Glasgow, during the lockdown and tried macro photography for the first time.

He photographed around 1,000 different species of insects and said some of them looked so exotic he would have expected to find them in Borneo.

Pictured: David Hamilton captures the stunning photographs

David, who works as a business analyst, said: “The photographs look like something you would see in a jungle or something like that.

Glasgow Timetables:

“It’s amazing what we can find.

“A lot of people say ‘I was afraid of this and now I can’t help but look at them’.

Glasgow Timetables:

“Find something new to photograph every day, something that is under your feet all the time and that you never see.

“Once you see them up close it opens up a whole new world.

Glasgow Timetables:

“I’ve never really tried anything like this before.

“I used to take landscape photos and during the lockdown when you could only go out for an hour at a time I started to learn about macro photography.

Glasgow Timetables:

“I converted some of my camera gear and took it to Ruchill Park, which is two minutes from my house.

“I got really hooked and switched to a proper macro lens and from there the arms and legs grew. ”

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A recent photograph showed a pollen-covered bee perched on top of a flower.

Another showed a jumping spider feasting on unlucky prey, which David said was a “pain to get” as the creature kept moving.

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Among his rarest finds are a black and orange beetle in Mugdock Park, Milngavie, East Dunbartonshire, and a chalcid wasp, whose metallic green coat is one of David’s social media favorites.

He added: “People are amazed at the variety you get here.

Glasgow Timetables:

“They can’t believe what you get here and I was exactly the same.

“I found some bugs that if I had seen a photo I would have said were in Borneo or the Australian Outback.”

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