INSIGHTS data helps understand tennis better | ATP circuit

Tennis Data Innovations (TDI) has partnered with TennisViz to develop a series of next-generation information, intended to improve the experience of tennis fans.

Following the successful launch of In Attack, Conversion and Steal insights earlier in the season, TDI and TennisViz have unveiled their latest installment of co-developed insights. These leverage cutting-edge match and tracking data from TDI and next-generation artificial intelligence from TennisViz, to provide fans with deeper understanding and richer narratives around the action on the court.

Designed to present fans with the right data at the right time, the information will be fully integrated into the broadcast of the ATP Masters 1000 tournaments and the season-ending Nitto ATP Finals in Turin.

What are INSIGHTS?

We have grouped together five fundamental principles of every player’s game:
– Type of move played (more than 60 different types of moves)
– Shooting quality (ranked on a scale of 0 to 10)
– The situation of the player (serving, returning, both back, at the net)
– Game phase (attack, neutral, defense)
– Tactics and game patterns (7 tactics and 48 game patterns)

We used this data to create four new INSIGHTS:
– In Attack
– Conversion score and steal score
– Shooting quality
– The style of play

This simple shift in perspective will transform the way you view and understand the game, regardless of your level of interest or expertise.

And that’s just the beginning. Tennis Data Innovations and TennisViz have other innovative AI data INSIGHTS set to roll out over the next few months.

What sets INSIGHTS apart from other statistics?

– INSIGHTS are unique. Our AI measures aspects of tennis that have never been measured. This includes attack and defense, tactics and quality of shots.

– INSIGHTS deepens each fan’s understanding. Traditional data points often measure who won or lost. TennisViz INSIGHTS engages fans throughout and after the match, showing how a player wins.

– INSIGHTS offers compelling new stories. All INSIGHTS include player, tour and tournament averages. These landmarks provide a new level of context.

– INSIGHTS are correlated with the probability of winning. They show the probability of a player winning or losing based on their current level of performance through the differentiators extracted by the AI.

– INSIGHTS highlights the key to every game. This collection of INSIGHTS has been designed to cover all aspects of tennis. INSIGHTS displays the right data for a specific match at the right time.

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