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Louisville Artist kacy jackson inspected several posters, still hot from the press, with a small magnifying glass.

“I was just zooming in and taking a look at every little part and making sure it was perfect,” Jackson said.

Louisville artist Kacy Jackson ensures that no imperfections appear on the printed posters of her Kentucky Derby Festival designs.

The posters under Jackson’s control were the official designs for the 2022 Kentucky Derby Festival, unveiled Monday at the Welch Printing Company in Louisville.

The main artwork features the Louisville skyline with the George Rogers Clark Memorial Bridge in the foreground. It’s all accented with bold geometric shapes in colors across the spectrum.

Jackson, who is known for his vibrant murals across the city, said he wanted there to be a message of unity.

“Here in Louisville, we have so many elements, and so many different cultures here, and different kinds of people from different backgrounds coming together to celebrate a festival,” he said.

He added that the design reflects his typical artistic approach.

“It’s not just a vision,” he said. “It’s more like it’s multicolored, just keep representing unity and keep bringing everyone together. You know? So I use multiple colors to kind of celebrate that.

A close-up of Jackson’s creations for the 2022 Kentucky Derby Festival.

Designing the poster took about two weeks, Jackson said.

Jackson also designed this year’s limited edition Derby Festival poster. There will be around 500, and they will feature a multicolored Pegasus ready to take flight.

As an official poster artist, Jackson received monetary compensation for his designs, as well as festival tickets and merchandise packages, according to a Kentucky Derby Festival spokesperson. They did not disclose a dollar amount.

The tradition of the official Derby Festival poster, and the selection of an artist to design it, dates back to 1981. And according to festival organizers, this is the first time in its more than 40-year history that Welch Printing Company has printed the posters.

A worker removes one of the Kentucky Derby Festival posters at the Welch Printing Company in Louisville on February 7, 2022.

Welch CEO Brian Houchens said it was a “privilege”.

“I’ve wanted to do this for years,” Houchens continued.

When asked what it was like to see his work in print, Jackson replied, “It’s legendary. Man, it’s like wow, you know? »

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