Kapil Dev’s Natraj Shot came naturally to Ranveer Singh, according to 83 assistant manager and former cricketer Balwinder Singh Sandhu

The long-awaited film that captures the transformative moment in world cricket history is finally on movie screens. ’83, directed by Kabir Khan, gave cricket fans in India a golden chance to relive the classic underdog scenario when the Indian cricket team won the World Cup, playing against the two-time champions of the world, the West Indies.

The film is of special production as the crew includes some of the members of “Kapil’s Devils” who help the actors to impeccably portray the defining point of Indian cricket. The crew included Balwinder Singh Sandhu, a mid-pace swinger, as assistant director. Speaking about Ranveer Singh, who plays Kapil Dev in the film, he said the actor worked really hard and did a great job. Sandhu also mentioned how naturally Ranveer grasped every instruction he gave, including Kapil’s famous Natraj Shot.

“He (Ranveer) grabbed every instruction I gave him and was very motivated to imitate all of those shots properly. In fact, Kapil’s Natraj shot came very naturally to Ranveer. I told him to stick to his natural abilities because Kapil’s shot came naturally to him, ”Sandhu told Sportskeeda.

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Sandhu shared this detail when talking about the heats at Royal Tunbridge Wells in 1983, where Kapil scored a 175-step save after the team was soaring at 17 races and 5 wickets. “Kapil looked like a possessed man,” Sandhu said, recalling the match. Sadly, the game was never televised for the country to witness greatness on the pitch.

After a series of sparkling promotions, including a teaser of the film screened on Burj Khalifa, the film is finally screened in theaters. The film stars Ranveer with Deepika Padukone, Pankaj Tripathi, Jatin Sarna, Chirag Patil, Hardy Sandhu, and Ammy Virk, among others.

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