Kevin Durant leads the Nets ahead of the Timberwolves

The Brooklyn Nets managed to close the deal against the Minnesota Timberwolves to win their second straight game one way or another, even when things seemed to be going the wrong way for the Nets.

Brooklyn shot just 26 percent of three and gave up the ball 17 times. Allowing 16 offensive rebounds also didn’t help their chances of coming out with a win. Still, in what was a close game on the home stretch, the Nets stepped up and embraced the pressure to close the game.

Kevin Durant (30 PTS, 10 REBS, 6 ASTS) reversed the dagger with 11.1 remaining to put his team at five. In the rambling affair, the Nets reached the free throw line to shoot 41 times, which wasn’t surprising given the Timberwolves are at the top of the league when it comes to fouling their opponents.

Patty Mills (23 PTS, 4 3pm) was also on the front row in the fourth quarter, making key plays to secure the victory. His running mate in the backcourt in the form of James Harden (20 PTS, 9 ASTS, 7 REBS) also flirted with a triple-double while passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the 11th place all-time free throws of the NBA. list made. In the match, he went 12 of 15 from the strip.

Overall, Brooklyn put in a classy performance defensively. It was the least they could have done since they weren’t showing off in an offensive manner as usual. Ultimately, black and white kept Minnesota 39% accuracy on the court and 31% downtown.

Nets head coach Steve Nash and his team will return on Saturday to face the Chicago Bulls at Barclays Center.

Kevin Durant (30 PTS, 10 REBS, 6 ASTS) needs to relax with the turnovers. In the contest, he gave the ball five times, which is unusual for him. Durant averaged just three turnovers per game for his career. Fortunately for him, his physique and activity throughout the game was contagious on his way to grab 10 rebounds and shoot 13 free throws.

As for his effectiveness in the field, it was consistent with regard to his career percentage. However, that was a little different from the 54% accuracy he’s sat on for the season.

James Harden (20 PTS, 9 ASTS, 7 REBS) didn’t have the best shooting game on the court, but he adapted to the physics of the game by remaining aggressive. As he attacked the paint, the Minnesota defense had no choice but to commit a foul. On the perimeter, Harden used his clever tactics to shoot fouls that only frustrated the Timberwolves during the game, exactly what the Nets wanted to see.

Starting just 36% from the field was not ideal for Harden, dropping to 0 of 4 from the depths. His six turnovers didn’t help his case either.

Patty Mills (23 PTS, 4 at 3 p.m.) matched Minnesota’s pace on both sides, but what made his impact more impressive was his ability to knock down timely shots, especially down the home stretch. It perfectly fulfills Joe Harris’ shoes while adding his own flair to them.

LaMarcus Aldridge (13 PTS, 5 REBS) kept him inside for Brooklyn. Not only did he play 34 minutes, which is surprising given that the Nets are ready to play again tomorrow night, but he also made the opposing players readjust their shots inside. In total, Aldridge was instrumental in helping the team allow 44 points in the paint. On the other side, the Nets capitalized by scoring 50 points on their own.

James Johnson (11 PTS, 6 REBS) showed his versatility during his 25 minutes and missing a single shot was impressive. Since he was so sexy, he should have shot one in three at least.

Unfortunately for the Nets, Johnson was making too many mistakes. He committed five personal fouls and if things didn’t go in the offensive direction of Brooklyn, it could have put the team in a position to lose.

Paul Millsap (4 PTS, 4 REBS) woke up today feeling even more bouncy as he caught a lob from Bruce Brown in the first half to give the team a boost . An emphatic block not long after only made that momentum more palpable with a slow start from Brooklyn.

Still, Millsap has to find his rhythm from three. He only shot it at 24% over the season and last season he shot it at 34%. If he has more days to show that kind of athleticism, his effectiveness is going to be through the roof.

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