Lil Duval says his T-Mobile reception saved him from getting lost at sea

By now people should be familiar with Lil Duval cuttin’ up on Twitter! He tells jokes, comments on culture, experiences with his old lady and sometimes even “now what” type stories. But recently he shared what would be a real nightmare for many people (including the person bringing you these words!) The comedian told his Twitter followers that his T-mobile reception saved him from doom at sea.

“Just sitting here thinking about how really lost I was at sea last week I would still be floating in the ocean somewhere without my T-mobile receipt,” Lil Duval tweeted on March 11.

Where was Lil Duval going?

He also shared an 18-second video. In the clip, viewers can see a boat pulling a jet ski behind it. Although we don’t know the exact location of Lil Duval, he identified the authorities involved as Bahamian.

“Man, I got stuck here on ocean man,” Duval said off camera. “Thank goodness the Bahamian police and those people and their boat looking for me came to my rescue. I would have been fucked for real.

A DJ from the @DjFred_Eddison Twitter account responded to the comedian’s story, saying, “I don’t understand why you were so far away.”

“I was driving to my little little island,” Lil Duval replied. “I do it all the time.”

Lil Duval didn’t give any further details on exactly how he got lost. By the towing seen in the video, one would assume that there was a mechanical malfunction with the jet ski.

T-Mobile gets its accessories

When another user suggested he shouldn’t give T-Mobile a free promotion, Duval disagreed. He wrote: “I made it, it saved my life.”

Lil Duval too retweeted a GIF suggesting that T-Mobile should feel powerful about the gratuitous bragging.

And people still had questions about its distance in the big blue sea. Twitter user @DannyDTaken asked: “Why are you so far on jet ski ppl??”

“You’d have to live there to understand,” Duval replied.

And for the people with this continuing review, Duval dropped a clip showing why he was there on that ski! The 29-second video begins with a medium shot of Duval on a jet ski, then the video slowly unwinds to show a crystal blue ocean.

“You don’t really live if you don’t live almost dead many times in your life,” Duval tweeted afterwards. “I’m on my 7th.”

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