Merchant and Walken return for Outlaws second season trailer

Stephen Merchant and Christopher Walken

Stephen Merchant and Christopher Walken
Photo: First video

Presented by Stephan Merchant, the co-creator of Office, and Elgin James, the co-creator of Mayans MC, is a show that feels like these two shows slammed together. The Outlaws, a British comedy starring Stephen Merchant and Christopher Walken, returns for season two. And despite the fact that not everyone on the crew has picked up their daily dog ​​poop quota, Prime Video has been kind enough to share a trailer for the upcoming season with the world.

The Outlaws – Official Season 2 Trailer | First video

The Outlaws is a comedy about a group of rascal criminals who serve their community service sentences doing menial cleanups. But more importantly, it’s a chance to see Stephen Merchant do his goofy weirdo routine in front of a much more confident weirdo Christopher Walken. Here is the synopsis:

The Outlaws is a comedy thriller about a disparate group of lawbreakers brought together to serve a community service sentence. Seven strangers from different walks of life are forced to work together to renovate an abandoned community center. When one of them is drawn into a dangerous world of organized crime, they come together in a way neither of them thought possible. Picking up a few months after the climax of Season 1, in Season 2 the Outlaws still have time to serve their sentence, but quickly realize the underworld isn’t done with them yet, no far. The shared past of this ragtag group of misfits comes back to haunt them, in the form of a terrifying London drug lord on a quest for blood – The Dean.

It’s also the sight that led a guide to Stonehenge to stop Christopher Walken touching old rocks. Stephen Merchant clarifies:

We had the day off and Chris really wanted to go to Stonehenge. We got there, and he walked over to the woman who showed us around: “Can I touch one of the stones? And she was like, “No.” I took her aside and said, “He’s 78 years old. He is an Oscar winner. It’s Christopher Walken. It has traveled 3,000 miles. These things have been there for 5,000 years. Can’t let him touch a rock? And she’s like, “No. Definitely not.” It was so quintessentially British that even someone like Christopher Walken can’t touch the stones. “Definitely not.” That’s not how you drive in England.

That’s how they roll in England, indeed. The Outlaws returns August 5

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