Michigan court bars another GOP candidate from voting

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — The Michigan Supreme Court on Tuesday denied an appeal from another Republican gubernatorial candidate whose campaign petitions were found to be full of fraudulent signatures.

The court declined to intervene in a decision by the Board of State Solicitors to bar Donna Brandenburg from participating in the Aug. 2 Republican primary ballot.

Brandenburg, a West Michigan entrepreneur, was one of five GOP candidates excluded from the ballot. The state’s election office told the board it didn’t have at least 15,000 valid signatures because paid voters submitted thousands of fake ones.

There is no evidence that the candidates were aware of the rogue work.

Business consultant Perry Johnson, former Detroit police chief James Craig and investment adviser Michael Markey sued to get elected but failed last week.

Johnson, who was willing to spend millions on his campaign, turned to federal court on Monday, saying his rights were violated in the process. The long-term trial is ongoing.

Craig, who enjoys wide notoriety in southeast Michigan, said “it’s not over,” but he didn’t elaborate on what happened next.

Meanwhile, the Aug. 2 ballot has been finalized for print on Friday.

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