Oliveira vs Poirier Results, Highlights, Interviews and more

The classy fighters shared a hug following instructions from referee Herb Dean, then there was no friendship at all as Oliveira took the fight against Poirier, who rocked the champion with a right hand in response. . The exchanges continued, Oliveira mixing his attacks well as Poirier stuck to using his fists. Just before the end of two minutes, Oliveira briefly tied Poirier before unleashing more varied strikes. But it was Poirier who delivered the hardest blows that briefly knocked out the champion before the Brazilian got back to work. With 1:40 left, a right hand dropped Oliveira, and after a brief follow-up attack, Poirier got the fight back on its feet and he unloaded, but Oliveira refused to play defense, concluding one of the best rides you’ll ever see.

Oliveira went straight on the attack to start the second round, landing a few kicks before locking Poirier against the fence. The two fought until Poirier threw his foe to the mat. Oliveira tried to lock the challenger’s arm, but when that failed, Oliveira moved into Poirier’s guard, landing her elbows hard while trying to make it a dirty fight. Poirier tried to hang on to force the restart, but Oliveira remained busy and in control until the horn sounded.

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