Olympic Winter Games Day 7 News, Scores and Live Updates

After recovering from two disastrous performances to start the Olympics with a strong effort in Friday’s super-G, Mikaela Shiffrin said she was feeling “much more upbeat right now”.

“I feel a lot more positive and a bit relieved after skiing the super-G, knowing it’s not that hard,” she told NBC. At the time, Shiffrin was in ninth place in the event with around 20 competitors still to go out of a field of 44.

That meant Shiffrin wasn’t going to get a medal in the event, but just getting to the bottom of the hill and looking competitive in the process was something of a win for the American star. A former Olympic gold medalist in slalom and giant slalom, Shiffrin had surprisingly skied early in both events in Beijing, and it was not immediately clear earlier this week whether she would immediately get back on her skis in the next event. alpine, the super-G.

After acknowledging to NBC that she “has been wondering a lot lately,” Shiffrin said, “I think today proved to myself that I can still trust my instincts a little bit, and it’s really, really huge.”

At the same time, she revealed that she was not fully recovered from the shock of her quick dismissals in the first two races.

“Right now it’s really stinging and I’m disappointed with the GS and the slalom race,” she said. “This disappointment is huge, and I know a lot of people feel it, and I feel bad for letting myself down or letting the world down. Mainly, I feel bad because I wanted to ski the whole piste , and I wanted to ski well. That was my biggest goal, and I didn’t really manage to do it.

Of the outpouring of support she has received since those twin debacles, Shiffrin said, “I don’t feel like I deserve it. It’s crazy how many people have reached out to me, trying to cheer me up. Every time someone texts, I just think, ‘You don’t have to mess around with me, because it’s going to be fine. I mean, I have Olympic medals, and I’ve had a lot of success and a lot of triumphant moments and a lot to be happy about over the last few years.

Later in the interview, Shiffrin said, “I never expected to feel right now – you know, underperforming at the Olympics – that humans could be so nice. I never would have. expected.

“It’s the most surprising thing about my Olympic experience, how kind people have been to my failure. I mean, it’s a failure. It’s good to say that. I’m okay with that, and I’m sorry about that, but I was trying too, and I’m proud of it.

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