Pakistan clean Hong Kong in just 38 runs to win the game in 155 runs and qualify for the Super Four

Hong Kong 32/6 after 8 overs.

Mohammad Nawaz, Orthodox left arm, goes on the attack

Ball 1. Full delivery sliding in pads. McKechnie cuts the ball to the thin-legged short defender for one.

Ball 2. Slow return of length delivery on middle and leg stump. Kinchit swings back and pushes the ball back towards the bowler.

Ball 3. CALL FOR LBW AND GIVEN! Slow delivery of good length on the middle and leg stump. Kinchit goes for a wild leg side kick but misses hitting the ball and the ball hits the back cushion. The Pakistani players appeal and the referee raises his finger. Kinchit takes the exam. The replay shows it’s the referee’s call. So Kinchit has to turn back.

KD Shah lb b Mohammad Nawaz 6(10) [4s-1]

Zeeshan Ali, right-handed bat, comes to the crease

Ball 4. Slow delivery of good length on middle and leg stump. Zeeshan works the ball to the deep back square leg for a single.

Ball 5. OUT! BALL ! Slower, fuller delivery pulled on the mid and leg stump. McKechnie goes for a sweep but the ball goes through the large leg space and hits the stumps.

Scott McKechnie b Mohammad Nawaz 4(6)

Haroon Arshad, right-handed bat, comes in the crease

Ball 6. Delivery of good length on stump. Haroon leans forward and clips the ball in the middle of the wicket for one.

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