Potential ordination candidates under Denver Broncos head coach Nathaniel Hackett

Early in the morning of Thursday, Jan. 27, the Denver Broncos made the decision to hire Nathaniel Hackett as their next head coach. It happened 18 days after the Broncos announced the firing of Vic Fangio.

It marks the start of a new era for the Broncos, but there’s still work to be done. With the hiring of Hackett, the belief that Aaron Rodgers could be the next quarterback will increase dramatically.

However, before the Broncos even get to that point, they need to finish hiring staff under Hackett. This potentially means all new coordinators as well as position coaches. Whoever ends up being hired will be the voice of Hackett, not someone pushed on the first head coach by front office staff.

It’s hard to rate Green Bay Packers QB coach Luke Getsy because Rodgers was already a star when he showed up, and the jury is still out on Jordan Love.

Who are the best candidates for the coordinator positions under Hackett? Let’s dive into it.

OC: Adam Stenavich | Running Game Coordinator/O-Line Coach | Green Bay

Interest: Reported

Stenavich is rising through the Green Bay coaching ranks. Not only are the Broncos interested in interviewing him for offensive coordinator, but he’s also believed to be the internal favorite to replace Hackett for that role in Green Bay. Stenavich is rising through the ranks of the NFL, which could make him a head coaching candidate sooner rather than later.

Stenavich has coached strong offensive lines since being hired by the Packers in 2019. Green Bay lost two stars last season, including left tackle David Bakhtiari, and has consistently put up a solid game. The unit ranked eighth in pass blocking efficiency, allowing the eighth-lowest QB pressures (158) out of 678 passing snaps per Focus on professional football.

The interest in Stenavich would suggest the Broncos are considering moving to an outside zone/west coast offense, much like the system the Packers use under Matt LaFleur. It’s the system Hackett has had roots in throughout his career and he loves the explosiveness of attack.

While Stenavich isn’t just an offensive line coach, it could help with the personnel Denver has on hand, and he’d likely help whoever ends up coaching the offensive line.

OC: Luke Getsy | Passing Coordinator/QB Coach | Green Bay

Interest: speculated

If the Broncos are interested in Getsy to be their offensive coordinator, they’ve already interviewed him to establish a pearl on him. When it was announced that the Broncos wanted to interview Getsy for their head coaching opening, it didn’t take long for speculation to begin that he would also be considered for an offensive coordinator position if Hackett got the job. We will soon know if there was any truth to this speculation.

There is a rumor that Getsy would be the one to maximize Rodgers’ attraction even more than Hackett, but the three-time MVP is close to both coaches. It is also said that, although Getsy is a candidate to replace Hackett in Green Bay, he is not the favorite. Adding Getsy could be a surefire way to dramatically increase the Broncos’ appeal to Rodgers.

It’s hard to rate Getsy because Rodgers was already a star when he became a positional coach, and Love didn’t show up, despite his sample size being small. How much of that is on the coaching staff, and how much is on love?

Getsy worked as a quality control coach and then a wide receivers coach for the Packers and spent the time working his way up the ranks and did it quickly.

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DC: Ejiro Evero | Passing Coordinator/Secondary Coach | Los Angeles Rams

Interest: Reported

Evero is an interesting candidate who spent a lot of time under Vic Fangio in San Francisco, under Wade Phillips with the Los Angeles Rams and Brandon Staley. Evero has been exposed to two of the best defensive schemes over the past five years, most of them coming from the same system the Broncos have used for the past three years. It will be interesting to see if Evero uses this system or prefers something else.

There is a connection between Hackett and Evero. They played together at UC Davis, remained best friends according to multiple reports, and even share the same agent. So often in the NFL it’s about who you know more than what you’ve accomplished, but Evero still has a great resume for the job.

Evero was one of the finalists for the Packers defensive coordinator position a year ago. He’s a promising and intelligent defensive mind who could land head coaching interviews within a few years.

Evero’s time with the Rams has been successful, and he’s ready for the next step and could be a great recruit for the Broncos and might not make massive changes to the defensive scheme.

DC: Christian Parker | Secondary Coach | Denver Broncos

Interest: speculated

There were rave reviews for Parker and his work with the Broncos secondary throughout the season. He was tasked with developing Patrick Surtain II and coaching the secondary. Parker is loved by the players, coaches and other staff around him.

‘CP’ doesn’t quite have Evero’s resume, with only three years of NFL coaching experience. The first two years came with Green Bay as part of the same staff that Hackett had just been hired from. There’s no doubt that Parker would be a long shot for the job, but if the comments about him are to be believed, he’s ready for it.

Parker’s career path appears to follow a similar path to that of Staley, who coached in the NFL for three years before his first job as defensive coordinator. When a coach is as brilliant as Parker is said to be, sometimes you look past inexperience and take a risk. The concern here would be giving an offensive-minded freshman head coach a rookie defensive coordinator.

CC: Jarod Mayo | LB Coach | New England Patriots

Interest: speculated

Much like Getsy, Mayo was one of Denver’s head coach interviews that many overlooked as a potential defensive coordinator hired on the road. As far as I know, as of this writing, there is no connection between Hackett and Mayo, making it a long shot. However, Mayo is highly respected and was said to be impressive in his interview, so Denver might consider promoting him to defensive coordinator.

Of course, there are concerns about the success, or lack thereof, of Bill Belichick’s training tree. This was a concern with Mayo’s head coaching bid and would remain one with a potential defensive coordinator hire. However, sometimes with smart up-and-coming coaches you have to take a risk to see if they can To hack it or not.

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