Shooting involving Fatal Person County deputy during hostage-taking held legal: report

ROXBORO, NC (WNCN) – A Person County MP who shot dead a man to rescue three hostages in April 2021 acted legally, an SBI special agent and the Person County prosecutor’s office said Thursday in a report.

The Person County deputy, who has not been named, has been under investigation for the past eight months after she shot Jackie Cameron Capps Jr. on April 2, 2021, at a house in Block 1300 of Clay Long Road in Hurdle Mills. before 10:15 p.m.

According to the sheriff, the 911 dispatchers received a hang-up call from a phone at the address and neither the dispatchers nor his deputy knew what, if anything, was going on at the location.

However, when he arrived, the MP said that quickly changed. After further investigation, it was confirmed that the deputy had taken all appropriate procedures to determine the scene and that those involved were in immediate danger, according to the report.

The SBI and the district attorney’s office said they assessed the MP’s procedures to determine whether “the shot (was) reasonable in the circumstances at the time of the fatal blow,” “the facts and events in each case, including the seriousness of the crime involved, whether the suspect poses an immediate threat to the safety of the officer or others, assessment of the officer’s actions, the officer’s underlying intent or motivation and facts and circumstances without taking into account the agent’s underlying intention. ”

They determined that when she arrived on Clay Road, she turned off the lights and sirens in her patrol car for safety reasons and noted all of the surroundings of the house. They were all confirmed later because she turned on the body camera which she activated before exiting the squad car.

The deputy then identified three people sitting on the sofa with a man standing in the middle of the living room. She said she initially documented that they were playing charades, but quickly changed her report to an active shooter situation once she got close and saw him wield a gun on the three people on the couch.

She then reported by radio to her replacement who was already following her that it was indeed an active situation.

The deputy announced her presence, as her training required, but angered the gunman and scrambled the hostages, according to the report.

After a few short moments, Capps Jr. then picked up another weapon, now one in each hand, according to the MP. When he pointed at the two people on the couch, the deputy concluded he was about to shoot the hostages and shot Capps Jr.

Originally, it was not known how many shots were fired at Capps Jr., but upon further investigation it was determined that she had fired three shots from her pistol. However, the SBI and the prosecutor’s office did not specify how many shots hit Capps Jr.

The deputy’s body camera then revealed that she had asked the former hostages for supplies to try and help them with a gunshot wound and radioed for EMS assistance.

Helpers then entered the house and, after EMS arrived, determined that there was no active pulse. The location of the gunshot wound was not disclosed.

Additionally, the three hostages were all identified as being related to Capps Jr.’s girlfriend. They included the girlfriend’s father, the father’s wife, and the girlfriend’s stepmother. The girlfriend was not present.

The three were interviewed during the process and their statements, along with evidence, records and reports confirmed that the deputy shot Capps Jr. assuming he was about to shoot one or more. hostages. His actions were ruled legal under NCGS 15A-401 (d) (2), according to the report.

“In this case, the deputy acted following her recent training in accordance with the legal requirements for the deployment of lethal force and the highest professional standards,” Person County District Attorney Michael D. Waters said in a statement. Press release.

It is not clear whether the deputy was put on administrative leave, which is standard procedure, during investigations.

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