Southern Colorado teenager says he’s lucky to be alive after a stray bullet hit him near a Texas college

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) – A 19-year-old from Peyton, Colo. says he feels lucky to be alive after a stray bullet hit him near his University of Texas.

Jabin Wade was driving home with his friends near his school, Prairie View A&M University, when gunshots rang out around them. The school is almost an hour northwest of Houston.

“We heard bang bang bang bang bang, then we looked down and I felt something hit the back of my head,” Wade said. “My friends were like, ‘have you been hit?’ I moved my hand and I had blood all over me. Wade says the bullet hit him in the back of his neck, near his spine.

He says he was airlifted to a hospital in Houston. The doctors showed him the medical image at the top of this article, showing the bullet inside the red outline.

“The bullet is still there, it’s actually very close to the artery, so they don’t want to take it out,” Wade said. For now, Wade thinks he will live with the bullet in him indefinitely.

Prairie View police told 11 News reporter Melissa Henry that Wade had nothing to do with the shooting. Chief Wilton White says Wade was an innocent bystander, caught in the crossfire. White says they are investigating road rage as a possible motive, saying witnesses reported shots were fired between two other cars on the road. Police do not believe this includes the car Wade was in. Police say they have people of interest, but no suspects.

On the night of the shooting, Wade’s parents received a call in the middle of the night saying their son was injured.

“No parent ever wants to get that phone call,” her mother Rita Wade said. “It’s just stressful, it’s a lot.” She and Wade’s father took the first flight they could leave Colorado Springs airport.

Rita Wade says, “In the back of my mind, all I could replay was the fact that he got lucky. A few seconds later, it could have been a different outcome.

Jabin Wade graduated from Falcon High School in Peyton, where his parents still live. He now says he has a 3.9 GPA and is on Prairie View A&M’s Dean’s List. He is also doing an internship at NASA to learn aerospace and software design. He does not plan to miss school because of his gunshot wound. He plans to return home to his parents in Colorado and complete the fall semester online and resume in-person classes in the spring.

“I don’t want to take a break…I’ve got the ball rolling a bit too fast to really stop now and take a break, so I feel like I really have to keep working for my career,” he said. he declares. .

Wade says he has a fracture from the shooting on his C1 vertebrae. His doctors tell him he will have to wear a brace for several months, but should make a full recovery with no permanent damage, other than the bullet left inside of him.

Wade’s parents are staying in a Houston hotel indefinitely until their son is cleared by doctors to return home. A family member created a GoFundMe to help with that, and possibly medical bills.

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