S’poreans capture mesmerizing photos of the Milky Way, results leave the internet in awe

Singaporeans capture mesmerizing photos of the Milky Way from different parts of the island

Despite concerns over Singapore’s light pollution problem, a local photographer recently showed that with the right tools, you can take mesmerizing photos of the galaxy from home.

Lightning rips through the sky of S’pore, like fried bee strands falling in the night

On June 28, local photographer Joshua Chua shared a photo of the dazzling Milky Way from his home in Bishan.

The unique combination of the seemingly peaceful HDB domain with the captivating collection of stars left the internet in awe.

His ingenious creation has also inspired other photographers in Singapore to try their hand at it and the results are equally stunning.

Photos of the Milky Way taken from the living room of the Bishan apartment

Often the phrase “let the pictures do the talking” is misused for the most mundane things, but in this case it’s clearly not an exaggeration.

Here is the stacked image of Mr. Chan shared on the CloudSpotting & SkySpotting Singapore Facebook page. The photo was apparently taken from his living room in Bishan and features the magnificent Milky Way.

Source: Joshua Chan on Facebook

Here is another photo of Mr. Chan, taken another night in July.

Source: Joshua Chua on Facebook

Another photographer, Ms Ether Liu, took the opportunity during a short two hour window at Henderson Waves to capture this incredible shot of the Milky Way above reflections @ Keppel Bay.

Source: Esther Liu on Facebook

The folks at the CloudSpotting & SkySpotting Singapore Facebook page are certainly doing a great job of showing a different side of Singapore. One that is not riddled with lights throughout the day.

Glad to see the captivating spectacle that watches over us every night

It’s amazing to think that beyond the Singapore night sky, there is a captivating spectacle that watches over us every night.

While there are a ton of editing tricks, the photos needed to get to this point are as authentic as they come.

It’s long, but maybe with everyone’s cooperation, Singapore can go dark for a short while, enough for us all to enjoy this beautiful sight with our own eyes.

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Featured image adapted from Joshua Chan on Facebook and Facebook.

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