The Hasselblad X2D is a cheat code for street photography

Once upon a time, you wouldn’t even dream of taking a medium format camera off a tripod, let alone taking it out of a studio. So the idea of ​​using one for street photography is still quite a shocking notion to some.

Thanks to cameras like the new Hasselblad X2D (opens in a new tab)however, the idea of ​​hitting the streets with a mid-format body and using it as a street shooter isn’t just something that’s possible – maybe it’s just the camera that does the best job.

You see, the X2D doesn’t just pack a mid-format sensor, it packs a 100MP sensor. But it’s not this resolution alone that makes it one of the best medium format cameras around. (opens in a new tab) you can buy; it combines that exorbitant pixel count with an amazing in-body image stabilization system that offers 7 stops of compensation.

For reference, this is better than the 5.5 stops offered by the Sony A1 (opens in a new tab)the 6 stops offered by the Nikon Z9 (opens in a new tab) and Fujifilm GFX 100S (opens in a new tab)and the 7 games offered by the OM System OM-1 (opens in a new tab) – which has the best stabilization in the business.

So the Hasselblad X2D combines these two technologies, giving you the ability to shoot absolutely solid 100MP handheld images. And it’s literally a cheat code for street photography. Look at this picture:

(Click on the widget at the top right to open it in full size) (Image credit: James Artaius)

Now, as a photograph, it’s nothing special. But the thing is, it’s an example of the kind of image you might spot on the street and decide to do a cool slice of narrative urban portraiture.

Thing is, we were across the street, filming with the Hasselblad X2D and the XCD 2.5/55 lens – which in 35mm terms only has a focal length 44mm.

Below you can see the full size image we took, of the entire field of view captured by the type of standard lens we were using. Way too cluttered and blurry and meh to be interesting:

(Click on the widget at the top right to open it in full size) (Image credit: James Artaius)

However, since this file gave us 100MP resolution, we could completely crop the shot and isolate the subject we actually wanted to capture, without sacrificing all of our image quality.

The cropped black and white street photography is only 7.2% of the size and resolution of the full scene, giving us a perfectly usable 7.3MP / 2338 x 3118 image. If you did the same thing on a typical 26 MP street camera, you would end up with a postage stamp sized 1.87 MP / 449 x 300 image.

Alright, we’re not gonna go too crazy and starts declaring that the X2D is the best camera for street photography (opens in a new tab)but let’s be honest – the ability to do this makes it, in fact, quite a spectacular street shooter.

If you can afford the latest Hasselblad camera, you are already very lucky to have one of the best cameras available today. And if you decide to take it out and try your hand at street photography, you’re even luckier to have an accidentally custom-made body to do a fantastic job.

Pre-order the Hasselblad X2D 100C at B&H (US) (opens in a new tab)
Pre-order the Hasselblad X2D 100C at WEX (UK) (opens in a new tab)

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