The Oral History of “Captain Clutch”, Marie-Philip Poulin

POULIN: Yes, now I am! [Laughs.] To be honest, it was during COVID, our grandson in our life. Out of nowhere, we went looking for him. It was a change of routine, and it was fun.

STACE: We got the name from google “unique dog names” [laughs]. So many of our friends have dogs. We wanted a unique name that none of our other friends had named their dogs before. We tried to come up with something a little different and clearly only hit “A” on the list of unique dog names. [laughs]. So Arlo. It was a deal we both agreed on. When we went to the small farm to pick it up, we called “Arlo!” There were about eight dogs and he came running up to his name and we were like, “This is it!”

Arlo isn’t the only cool addition — there’s also an RV.

POULIN: It’s 26 feet, it’s pretty much brand new. There is a large bed in the back, there is a toilet, a small kitchen. It’s quite spacious.

STACE: It’s enormous. I remember we rode up [teammate Natalie] Spooner’s wedding this summer in the RV and Spooner’s whole family was like, “Oh my God, I didn’t think it was going to be this big!” He kind of took the whole aisle [laughs]. His motorhome is awesome. She loves it, that’s for sure. She’s a big RV girl.

And I think the motorhome, she might not say it, but she bought it as a family thing, for her parents. When they were young, they would go camping and take trips like that. I think that’s a cool side point. Yeah, she’s an amazing hockey player, but family is also very important to her. I think the motorhome is a bit related to that and allows time to be spent with them outside the rink.

POULIN: When I have time in the summer to go out and camp with the RV, I find it fun. We were lucky enough to have five days last summer just to drive around a few different campgrounds and be right on the water. I like going out, being outdoors, just taking walks.

STACE: Nature. She loves nature.

POULIN: I would love to cross Canada, and go down to the United States, take a little trip there.

JENNER: We were talking about it the other day because we were going to try to get him to bring the RV to Ontario this summer. My in-laws have a place on the lake and the Rattrays [the family of teammate, Jamie Lee] have a place on the same lake. So we are trying to coordinate, how can we get the team there and ask Pou to bring the camper?

POULIN: I like driving it, it’s quite fun.

STACE: I feel safer when she drives than when I drive her for sure [laughs]. I was able to drive it for the first time this summer and only in a straight line, like only on the highway. I don’t feel comfortable parking it. She’s driven it tons of times, she already had a motorhome before that, not that big, so she has a lot of experience.

POULIN: No accidents yet! [Laughs.]

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