The pastry chef recreates the weapons of Chamber in chocolate


A renowned pastry chef has molded the weapons of Chamber in chocolate, adding a delicious touch to by VALORANT most recent agent.

Room is next VALUING Sentry agent with a focus on the shooting game and the fight against the enemy. Chamber can equip a heavy pistol with its Headhunter ability, with ADS option and high damage. His Tower of Strength ultimate ability summons a custom sniper rifle that kills enemies with one hit, making him a dangerous opponent. A pastry chef recently added a fun twist to Chamber’s weapons by recreating them with chocolate.

Pastry Academy Chief Instructor and Co-Founder Amaury Guichon was challenged by Riot Games to Create Chamber’s Weapons with Chocolate and uploaded a video today to give fans a preview behind the scenes of the complex process. Every part of Chamber’s Heavy Pistol and Rifle is edible and painstakingly painted, and is designed to mimic its in-game counterpart.

Guichon recreated every angle and small detail of the French agent’s arsenal by creating chocolate molds. Each piece has been sculpted, sanded and painted to match the golden color palette. Each weapon is massive and fans can see how big the heavy pistol is when Guichon picks it up at the end of the clip. The recreation of VALUING weapons is impressive, but Guichon has a long list of incredible chocolate creations. He recently created a 90 pound chocolate whale and a seven foot tall chocolate version of the Statue of Liberty.

While chocolate versions of Chamber weapons can be delicious, they are less lethal than their in-game counterparts. Don’t expect a sweet surprise when you meet Chamber in future matches.

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