This Incredibly Cool Curvy Home Just Hit the Toronto Market for $13 Million

One of Toronto’s best-designed (and most eye-catching) homes has gone up for sale in affluent Lawrence Park, less than two years after its original completion and at a price few can afford.

But it’s nice to daydream and crawl over cool real estate photos, isn’t it? Yeah. He is.

A view of the kitchen from a bar/lounge and dining area.

The must-see “Bezier Curve House” at 108 Stratford Crescent can be yours for just under $13 million, if you’re looking for something with both curb appeal and aerial appeal.

108 stratford crescent toronto

An aerial view of the house’s curved roof.

Built by custom home builder Farhad Kazmian (ABOND Homes) and architect Tania Bortolotto (BORTOLOTTO), the home was literally designed to be “the antithesis of the square jar.”

Kazmian had lived with his family on the property since 2011 and wanted to renovate, but had unique requirements; he wanted to keep his beautiful courtyard with a swimming pool, which required wrapping the whole house around it.

Bortolotto provided a solution by means of a modified L-shaped A-frame house rooted in mathematics.

108 stratford crescent toronto

The lap pool and the illuminated interior of the curved house.

The resulting property is known in design circles as the Bezier Curve House because its structure was based on a parametric equation often used in computer graphics and animations to create perfect curves using control points. .

“The mathematical formula of a Bézier curve at three given points is B

“Mathematicians often talk about the beauty of a mathematical equation, but when you see this formula put into practice in the roofline of a custom home in North York, Ontario, Canada, the beauty comes to life.”

108 stratford crescent toronto

The high ceiling and wooden beams in the living room.

To say this house has curves in all the right places is an understatement; its curves are mathematically perfect.

108 stratford crescent toronto

A staircase that gives the AGO a hard time.

Parts of the space are intricate and impressive enough to feel like they belong in a gallery.

108 stratford crescent toronto

Another view of the winding staircase.

Other parts, not so much.

108 stratford crescent toronto

The backyard.

With four bedrooms plus two and seven bathrooms, there is plenty of living space in this 7,500 square foot residence.

108 stratford crescent toronto

The open concept ground floor.

A listing of the property says it represents “the epitome of modern luxury living” with unparalleled quality and bespoke finishes.

108 stratford crescent toronto

One of the bathrooms with double shower and deep soaking tub.

“Located on a beautiful tree-lined street in the heart of Lawrence Park, the ‘Bezier Curve House’ offers a glimpse into the future of design,” the listing reads, boasting “the unique articulation in its kind of house”. modern and design.”

108 stratford crescent toronto

A living room with walk-out deck.

The location would be fantastic for a family with excellent public and private schools nearby as well as great green spaces including the Alex Muir Memorial Gardens and Sunnybrook Park…not that you would need to go far for your leisure.

Described as a “pioneering architectural tour de force” – and rightly so – some parts of the house (mainly the bedrooms) don’t quite match the splendor of the house’s exterior.

108 stratford crescent toronto

One of the bedrooms.

The basement is, well, a basement.

108 stratford crescent toronto

A living room in the basement.

But unique furnishings and design elements elevate the main living areas into something far beyond the box that Kazmian sought to avoid.

108 stratford crescent toronto

The centerpiece of the fireplace.

Entertaining here would be a dream with a large dining area.

108 stratford crescent toronto

Two spaces equipped for meals.

Not to mention all the indoor-outdoor living spaces.

And those signature curves can be found both indoors and outdoors in certain parts of the home.

108 stratford crescent torontoIs it an affordable option for the average family? Not by far. But damn is this still a cool house for someone who loves math, wants a personal pool, and enjoys impressing random strangers.

It also has six parking spaces. That alone might help offset some of the mortgage…maybe even more than a little.

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