Thistle wins the Haughs competition

Turriff Chardon 3 – BSFC 2

Turriff Thistle vs. BSFC Photo: David Porter

Turriff Thistle added three more invaluable points with a narrow victory over the bottom of the BSFC table in a fierce fight, on a rainy, windy and humid day at the Haughs although the Jags should have put the result out of doubt much sooner with the chances they have wasted.

Thistle fell behind again, midway through the first half, but equalized in three minutes thanks to a superb goal from Greg Miazek, who is on fire these days.

The Jags should have added a few more goals as they crammed into the BSFC for the remainder of the first half, but the stalemate remained in between.

Thistle added two more goals early in the second half from Andy Carder and Regan Fowlie and limited the visitors to just a few long-term efforts until an unfortunate home goal from Colin Bain, deep in the extra time, give the Jags a few nervous minutes until the final whistle.

Only three changes were made to the Jags’ starting lineup this week with Jordan Ogg returning to take his place between the sticks, despite Lewis Cheyne’s strong performance the week before, Dan Bruce entered wide on the right and Andy Carder has made his second start. of the season in place of unavailable Bruce Mair, which allowed Regan Fowlie to move forward and pair Ryan Morrison up front.

Joe Bisset returned after his suspension and formed a young bench with Lewis Cheyne, Colin Bain Jnr., Joe Watson and Lee Stuart.

The first 15 minutes of the game were a matter of mistrust as Thistle struggled to string together two assists which allowed BSFC to create a few chances. However, the game was stopped each time for offside.

Before the Jags could wake up, BSFC took the lead in 18 minutes when the striker made room just outside the box in midfield and smashed the ball into the bottom corner. of the net in front of Ogg’s outstretched fingers.

This provided the incentive Thistle needed and it only took MIAZEK three minutes to equalize with a low 25-yard drive that went pretty well into the lower left corner.

Turriff Thistle v BSFC.  Photo: David Porter
Turriff Thistle v BSFC. Photo: David Porter

BSFC had their chance to regain the lead in 28 minutes but the header from a corner flew high over the bar.

The rest of the half was all thistle, as they eventually started to gel.

Fowlie saved a cross shot in 33 minutes, then Mike McCombie directed a Colin Bain cross a little more in 38 minutes.

As half-time loomed, the final two minutes saw a 20-yard shot from Morrison and then a 25-yard shot from McCombie, both well saved by the BSFC keeper.

The second half started with BSFC on the front foot and in 50 minutes a dangerous cross from the left was well blocked by Ogg then, 54 minutes, Bain was forced to lead another cross over his own. bar near the goal line.

A minute later, the Jags were in front after a skillful move started by Fowlie that freed Dan Bruce to the right and his low cross and pushed beat the advancing goaltender and allowed CARDER to pinch the back post for a single tap. -in.

A few minutes later, Thistle was at two with a goal that must be a “goal of the season” contender.

The movement started with a long “road one” ball ahead of Neil Chapman who climbed over the BSFC defense and put Mitchell Allan behind them on the right.

Allan hit his shot as the last defender and keeper, who had strayed from his line to the edge of his box, closed it quickly.

The ball was missed by both and rolled to the back post in the same way as the previous goal.

FOWLIE rushed over to hit it in the net but somehow stood on the ball and flipped over, however, as he touched the bridge his back made contact with him and pushed him over the line for the goal.

As the saying goes, “It doesn’t matter how they come in, as long as they come in”.

It must have been demoralizing for the BSFC to lose a goal like this while still chasing their first win of the season.

The Jags made their first substitution of the game in 61 minutes when Joe Bisset replaced Chapman with Allan entering the final three alongside Bain and Kian Beaton.

The BSFC retaliated with force and, in 67 minutes, fired a long shot that flew directly at Ogg and was easily held.

The Jags goaltender was back in action after 75 minutes when he was quickly down to hold a low shot from the right.

As the match reached the final five minutes, Colin Bain Jnr. and Lee Stuart replaced Bruce and Miazek.

As time passed, BSFC hit the waiting line on the right, but the low cut-back was blocked by Ogg’s feet.

The game then shot to the other end of the field where Fowlie put Morrison on goal with just the keeper to beat, but his shot was also blocked.

The Jags ran on time with Joe Watson replacing Allan, but the game still ended in style when Thistle gave an unnecessary foul on the right at the edge of their box.

The resulting free kick was driven into the box and he called as the ball deflected with Bain’s outstretched foot and shot into the corner of the net to reduce Jag’s advantage to one.

Praise is due to BSFC who fought hard for an equalizer until the last second, but Thistle held on for the narrow victory.

It was by no means the best performance for the Jags of the season, but this game was never going to be a classic with both teams in the bottom half of the division and desperate for all three points.

The result pushes Thistle up a few places in the standings and six points out of the relegation zone. half of the table.

With seven home games and just three away games this season, the Jags expect to be on the road in the next few weeks and only have University, Ellon Amateurs and Stonehaven Amateurs left to play for the first time in the league this season.

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