Timeline of Giants coaches after Brian Daboll fired for job

Chances are the Giants had their next head coach in the building on Tuesday. It remains to be seen whether the in-person interview with Brian Daboll will turn into a job. The answer will come soon enough, likely before the first flakes hit the ground for the snow activity expected this weekend.

By Friday, the Giants could have their new head coach in place. At this point, it’s more likely to be Daboll than anyone else, but things can change.

Daboll, the Bills’ offensive coordinator, was the first of six candidates to come forward for a second interview. No introduction was needed between Daboll and Joe Schoen, the Giants’ newly hired general manager, as the two have worked together for the past four years at Buffalo. Daboll met with co-owners John Mara and Steve Tisch as well as Chris Mara, the senior vice president of player personnel. He also met other members of the front office and toured the team’s facilities.

Brian Daboll had his second interview with the Giants on January 25, 2022.
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Patrick Graham, still under contract as the Giants’ defensive coordinator and assistant head coach, gets his chance on Wednesday to convince people he already knows pretty well that he deserves a promotion to replace his very good friend, recently fired Joe Judge. Graham, considered a long shot, will also have the opportunity to make an impression on Schoen, someone he has never worked with.

Thursday, Brian Flores arrives. Unlike Daboll, who had his first interview via teleconference Friday night, this is the first time Flores and the Giants have met. He’s a better-known commodity than Daboll, with certainly enough success in his three years as Dolphins head coach (24-25, no playoff appearances) to warrant serious consideration. The Giants contingent will present a list of questions to Flores to understand why he got into a fight in Miami, why he allegedly had a deteriorated relationship with Dolphins general manager Chris Grier, why he went through offensive coordinators (three out of three ) and how he would differentiate himself from the often weighty Bill Belichick coaching methodology he learned in his 11 years working for the Patriots.

Brian Flores is Daboll's main competitor
Brian Flores is Daboll’s main competitor

Flores’ interview will conclude the first group of candidates on Schoen’s list: Daboll, Flores, Dan Quinn (Cowboys defensive coordinator and former Falcons head coach), Lou Anarumo (Bengals defensive coordinator), Leslie Frazier Bills defensive end and former Vikings head coach). ) and Graham. If any of those candidates — Daboll is the frontrunner, with Flores in contention — impresses the confidence of Giants brains, there’s a second group Schoen has put together and additional interviews could take place. Super Bowl-winning Eagles head coach Doug Pederson is believed to be on that list. Raheem Morris, the Rams defensive coordinator and former Buccaneers head coach, could also be on this list.

It will be a big upset if the Giants go through the next few days and determine that Daboll and Flores are not for them. Schoen is well-liked at Buffalo and he has built a strong connection with Daboll over their four years together. That doesn’t mean Schoen wants to endorse Daboll, but it does mean Flores has some catching up to do.

The 46-year-old Daboll’s bid will never be hotter, considering how Josh Allen and the Bills played on offense in their atrocious 42-36 overtime loss to the Chiefs in a classic League playoff game. AFC division. Daboll is a prime option for the Dolphins head coaching job created by Flores’ surprise layoff. Would Daboll rather work in sunny Miami with Tua Tagovailoa or in the swamps of Jersey with Daniel Jones? Will he be able to make this choice?

Within weeks of each other earlier this season, Daboll lost both of his grandparents, Ruth and Chris, who raised Daboll in the Buffalo suburb of West Seneca. Bills players have rallied around Daboll, whom they refer to as “Dabes.” Buffalo’s rumor is that Daboll is approachable, personable and comfortable in his game with the media. He will chat with reporters on the pitch before training and this season actually asked one of them how their dog was doing – there was a post on Twitter about the animal. When a beat reporter passed out (turns out it was nothing serious) during open pre-season training, Daboll was one of the first to make sure the journalist was fine afterwards.

Daboll can’t take Allen with him to the Giants, but he can detail exactly how he helped turn an athletic but raw quarterback into a lethal weapon on the field.

“I think teams would be stupid not to offer Brian Daboll a job,” Allen said Monday. “I pray they don’t, because I want him back here, but I love him and his family too much to really think that. I think he’s one of the best league coaches.

Daboll could be next on the Giants’ roster. By Friday, we should know.

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