Top Insecure Creators Recall Their Favorite Moments From The Show

Matsoukas also directed this crucial episode, the finale of the first season. At this point, Issa and Lawrence (Jay ellis) are on the alert after having cheated on him with Daniel (Y’lan Christmas). In a key scene, Molly (Yvonne orji) takes Issa back to her home in the Dunes to help her win back Lawrence, coaching her through what she’s going to say. It is a moment of tenderness between the two, which turns into a confessional.

“The crucial relationship in our entire series is between Molly and Issa,” Matsoukas said. “To have these two women supporting each other, especially these two black women. Even in [Issa’s] lowest moment, the first person who was there is her best friend.

“Driving her back was just a ‘Yeah, I’m riding your ride or I’m dying’ moment. “Literally. She gives him a ride,” Penny said, laughing.

For Penny and Matsoukas, this moment is also notable as it was shot outside of the Dunes, Issa’s building in Inglewood, which has now become a tourist spot for Unsafe Fans. It’s a victory for Matsoukas, who located it herself after finding it on Google Maps. “I loved the color and the architecture and knew it was perfect,” she said. “We really pushed so we could shoot South LA and Inglewood and make sure it was authentic.”

“Questions d’enfer” (S2, EP2)

Justina Mintz / HBOBy Justina Mintz / HBO.

In this second episode of Season 2, Matsoukas highlights the scene where Molly and Lawrence cross paths after work. In the scene, Molly does some recognition work for Issa, convincing Lawrence to give her friend another chance. “Issa cheated, but she’s not a cheater,” Molly says memorably.

“Seeing her supporting Issa at that time was really encouraging,” Matsoukas said, explaining why this scene means so much to her. “It’s like, we love each other and we’re here for each other. We can get your man back when you make mistakes.”

“Better like” (S3, EP1)

Penny with Orji and Rae.

By Merie W. Wallace / HBO.

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