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Call of Duty: Vanguard offers players six powerful and unique WWII SMGs to rank and master. We’ve sorted each SMG into a ranked list and revealed the best loadout for each.

Call of Duty: Vanguard features nearly 40 weapons to level up and unlock the elusive Atomic Mastery camouflage. Submachine guns, or SMGs, allow you to be a quick threat around the map, face the enemy, and deal serious damage.

However, not all SMGs are created equal, and some are much better than others. We’ve ranked the six Vanguard SMGs from best to worst and counted the best loadouts you can use.

List of the best SMG Vanguard

Every Call of Duty: Vanguard SMG is viable, but some are way better than others thanks to their mobility, rate of fire, and time to kill.

Here are the six Call of Duty: Vanguard The SMGs ranked from best to worst.

  1. MP-40
  2. Type 100
  3. M1928
  4. PPSH-41
  5. Owen pistol
  6. Sten

Best SMG Loads in CoD: Vanguard

6. Best loading Sten

Vanguard Sten SMG

While it’s still useful to you in Vanguard’s multiplayer, we think the Sten is the least efficient SMG.

The Sten suffers from the bloom mechanism discovered by TrueGameData, which means your shots don’t always go where you aim. This means you have to use attachments to counter this, sacrificing attachments that could otherwise be used for mobility.

It’s by no means unusable, but any other SMGs on this list will serve you infinitely better.

Here are the best accessories to use with the Sten, increasing its accuracy and mobility:

  • Muzzle: M1929 silencer
  • Barrel: Hockensen 174MM B11S
  • Optical: Slate reflector
  • Store: Hockensen S33S Padded
  • Sub-barrel: Sculptor’s wrist
  • Magazine: .45 ACP 20 round fast cartridges
  • Ammunition type: elongate
  • Rear handle: Grooved handle
  • Skill: Gung-Ho
  • Case: Fast

5. Best Owen Gun Load

Vanguard Owen Gun SMG

The Owen Gun is a unique SMG designed for mid-range combat, but you’d better use an assault rifle such as the Automaton instead.

While each bullet deals significant damage, its low rate of fire and overwhelming magazine keep it from being among the best. But it performs well at medium range, so if you’re a player who doesn’t like to fight up close, the Owen Gun could be the weapon for you.

Here are the best Owen Gun accessories, taking advantage of its mid-range damage:

  • Muzzle: M1929 silencer
  • Barrel: Gawaun 188MM Wrapped
  • Optical: Nydar Model 47
  • Store: Gauvain H4 Folding
  • Sub-barrel: M1930 Angled Strifle
  • Magazine: 7.62 Gorenko 72 round drums
  • Ammunition type: Elongate
  • Rear handle: Leather handle
  • Skill: Spacer
  • Case: Fully loaded

4. Better loading PPSH-41

Vanguard PPSH-41 SMG

The fan-favorite PPSH-41 is also available in Cold War, but Vanguard is a much more unique offering. It has a rapid rate of fire, which allows it to tear apart enemies at close range.

You might not be a huge fan of the PPSH-41 when you first unlock it thanks to the rapid rate of fire and high recoil, but once you start picking up attachments to master it, you’ll be melting enemies in no time. He doesn’t really excel in one area, but makes him a powerful all-rounder.

Here is the best gear for Vanguard’s PPSH-41, taking advantage of its high rate of fire:

  • Muzzle: Mercury silencer
  • Barrel: ZAC 30MM
  • Optical: Slate reflector
  • Store:
  • Sub-barrel: Sculptor’s wrist
  • Magazine: Nambu 71 round cartridges
  • Ammunition type: Elongate
  • Rear handle: Leather handle
  • Skill: Stranglehold
  • Case: Fast

3. Best loading M1928

Vanguard M1928 Thompson SMG

When you start to improve the M1928, or Thompson, you will probably start to notice that it is extremely underrated.

He has a very competitive TTK, large magazine, and minimal recoil, making him a standout choice in Vanguard’s preseason. The key to unlocking his TTK fast is to use the Kurz 50 8MM Round Drums magazine, and combining it with Hollow point ammunition. The Thompson lacks the Vital Skill, so the extra limb damage from Hollow Point cartridges is the best thing to do.

Here are the best accessories for Vanguard’s M1928, increasing its damage and recoil control:

  • Muzzle: M1929 silencer
  • Barrel: Char 5.5 ″
  • Optical: Slate reflector
  • Store: Ragdoll T2 support
  • Sub-barrel: Sculptor’s wrist
  • Magazine: Kurz 50 8MM Round Drums
  • Ammunition type: Hollow point
  • Rear handle: Dotted handle
  • Skill: Frenzy
  • Case: Fast

2. Best load type 100

Vanguard Type 100 SMG

The Type 100 came in second, but only a short distance away. If you are looking for a weapon with an incredibly fast TTK, we highly recommend the Type 100.

As soon as you associate the Vital skill with the .30 short rounds 30 round cartridges, you will kill enemies in just two hits. Mix that high damage with a fast rate of fire, and enemies will die before they know what hit them. While he’s a quick killer, he’s just not as versatile as number one.

Here’s the best Vanguard Type 100 loadout, benefiting from that fast TTK:

  • Muzzle: M1929 silencer
  • Barrel: Wrap Sakura 282MM
  • Optical: Slate reflector
  • Store: Warubachi skeleton
  • Sub-barrel: M1930 Angled Strife
  • Magazine: .30 Russian Short 30 Round Mags
  • Ammunition type: Subsonic
  • Rear handle: Fabric handle
  • Skill: Vital
  • Case: Fully loaded

1. Best MP-40 Load – Best Vanguard SMG

Vanguard MP40 SMG

The MP-40 kills quickly, has almost no recoil, and can compete with some of the best assault rifles in range. If you’re looking for an SMG that’s suitable for all situations, you simply can’t go wrong with the classic MP-40.

The only thing that holds the MP-40 back slightly is that it doesn’t have the powerful Life Skill, but its low recoil and low rate of fire make it much more versatile than the Type 100, allowing it to be Vanguard’s best SMG.

Here are the best MP-40 charging accessories, maximizing its accuracy and damage:

  • Muzzle: F8 stabilizer
  • Barrel: Krausnick 317MM 04B
  • Optical: Slate reflector
  • Store: Krausnick 33MM foldable
  • Sub-barrel: Sculptor’s wrist
  • Magazine: 9MM Para 24 Round Fast Mag
  • Ammunition type: Elongate
  • Rear handle: Dotted handle
  • Skill: Spacer
  • Case: Fast

And these are the best SMG loadouts for the Call of Duty: Vanguard preseason! The metas are changing and another SMG may arrive in Season 1, so we’ll be keeping this list updated throughout the year.

You can also check out how all of these SMGs stack up against the rest of Vanguard’s weapons.

Image Credit: Sledgehammer Games

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