Weak response to the mega vaccination campaign in TN

The mega vaccination campaign has seen a low response despite numerous health department outreach campaigns to promote vaccination against COVID-19. The number of COVID-19 is seeing an uptick in cases in a few districts over the past few days, especially after Chennai broke the 100 mark again and the numbers are rising.

A total of 3.59 lakh doses of vaccines were administered during the 37th mega vaccination campaign till 1 p.m. Of these, at least 2.65 lakh preventive booster doses of vaccines have been administered in the state.

In Tamil Nadu, up to 96% of people over the age of 18 were vaccinated with the first dose of COVID-19 vaccines and 91.10% received both doses. So far, 5.34 million doses of vaccines have been administered in the 36 mega vaccination camps.

The precautionary booster dose remains low as only about 19% of target beneficiaries have been vaccinated in the state. The state health department is undertaking a mega vaccination campaign to promote the free administration of preventive booster doses throughout the state. However, the response remains weak, even as available vaccine doses supplied to states go unused.

“There is only one mega vaccination campaign left before September 30 and we urge those who have not been vaccinated to get vaccinated during the mega vaccination campaign on September 25, which would probably be the last mega vaccination campaign,” said the Minister of Health.

All public hospitals in Tamil Nadu will display advertisements for essential vaccines for different age groups. “Every Wednesday, public hospitals will vaccinate all pregnant women and children up to the age of 16 against various diseases according to the vaccination schedule. All public schools will administer vaccines to students every Thursday,” he said. -he adds.

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