Will fireworks sales be up or down this year?

SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) — Starting Monday, South Dakotans can begin shopping for July 4 fireworks at stands across the state. Out-of-state customers can purchase fireworks since early May. And they don’t seem to be scared off by the higher cost of fireworks caused by inflation and supply chain backlogs.

Customers can expect a star-studded sales pitch when they shop inside Hot Shot Fireworks, northwest of Sioux Falls.

“This one here is shot a bit from an angle, but it’s all red, white and blue, very patriotic,” said Shelly Raderschadt, owner of Hot Shot Fireworks.

Stocking up on fireworks in South Dakota turned out to be an impulse buy for Minnesotan Jeff Heil.

“It’s my freshman year in South Dakota and I was driving and I saw it and said ‘hey, this looks like a good place,'” Heil said.

Deciding on a specific product comes with navigating the aisles.

“Something that’s going to be fun for the neighbors and my kids, something that’s going to go high in the air, nice and pretty and a big, loud bang. That’s what everyone loves for the 4th of July, don’t isn’t it,” Heil said.

But customers might be reluctant to shell out big bucks during a summer of high inflation.

“I try to be careful not to go too far. My 15 year old says I get too much. My 11-year-old daughter says I’m not getting enough, so I have to figure out what the medium is,” Heil said.

Rising shipping costs are making fireworks more expensive this year.

“And I noticed that usually you get the buy one, get one half price option. Right now they just aren’t like that,” Heil said.

Hot Shot Fireworks says it’s able to hold down the prices of smaller family packs. But customers will pay more for larger fireworks because it costs more to ship them to South Dakota.

“Because they take up more space on the container,” Raderschadt said.

Hot Shot Fireworks obtains all of its inventory from China.

“The Chinese are experts in making fireworks,” Raderschadt said.

The fireworks supply chain therefore has many links.

“It starts in China, they are on a boat and they land in California. Then they go by rail to Kansas City, then semi-trail to Sioux Falls,” Raderschadt said.

Raderschadt says it can take up to two months for a shipment of fireworks to reach his store. Hot Shot Fireworks wants to make sure inflation and supply chain issues don’t add further pressure to their supply, so for the first time ever, they’ve ordered fireworks two years from now. advance.

“Because you just don’t know how long shipping is going to take, so we’ve already ordered 2024,” Raderschadt said.

Raderschadt says she was concerned at first that higher prices would affect sales.

“It may have done a bit, but people understand that shipments have gone up for everything, so they got it and almost expected it,” Raderschadt said.

Raderschadt says the wet spring leading into summer creates more suitable conditions for setting off fireworks.

“Everything is green and I think people feel in their best mood and like to shoot when everything is green and wet,” Raderschadt said.

Heil ended up spending over $350 on fireworks.

“$361.90,” Raderschadt said.

“I am ready to pay more. Yeah, it’s once a year,” Heil said.

Heil returns home to Minnesota well stocked with fireworks in front of the crowd of South Dakotans who will soon be buying theirs.

“I don’t know if I’ll be back here for the fourth one, so I’m like I better get them now,” Heil said.

The Fireworkz store will open seven stalls in the Sioux Falls area on Monday. The owner says he ordered extra fireworks last year to ensure he has plenty to sell this year. He says some stalls across the country last summer did not receive deliveries until after the 4th due to supply chain issues.

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