Winter mix possible this weekend, but not a slam dunk

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WTVF) – If you didn’t stock up on snow last week, you have another chance to see flakes this weekend. A strengthening storm system over the Pacific Ocean will come ashore over the next two days and plunge into the southeast this weekend, bringing another breath of cold air and the potential for a winter mixture of rain and snow. So, should you stock up on bread, milk and eggs? Not yet.

The storm in question is still over 3,000 miles away and it is too early to determine the exact course it will take as it moves southeast.


If the storm continues further south, closer to the Gulf Coast, then the chances of rain / snow would be mostly limited to Mississippi and Alabama, leaving us shaky and cloudy.



If the storm approaches our southern Tennessee border, it will bring a rain / snow mix on Saturday, with a few brief light flurries possible on Sunday.

Some minor accumulations are possible if the storm approaches us. The system won’t have a lot of humidity to operate, so if we get snow totals piling up, it would probably be on the lower end of a sprinkling of an inch or two.

So, yes, there is a chance for sticky snow this weekend. But this is not a slam-dunk. Not by far. Stay tuned.

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